♥ Weekly Distant DARSHAN

David offers a weekly Distant DARSHAN transmission.

Sitting in the comfort of your own home, you will receive a Divine Transmission of DARSHAN Divine Light into your heart. This is a deep and loving process and people report having a wide range of experiences from gentle and peaceful to quite profound.

Darshan is a Transmission of Light into your Heart directly from the Divine via the purified heart of the master (David).

Just register with your name and location and then be ready at the appointed time, sitting or lying down in a quiet place where you will be uninterrupted for around an hour.
Exchange: (£10.00 by Paypal only)

Darshan is FREE for children under 16 years of age. You can register them when you have signed up yourself. Animals are also free.

You will receive an email response with instructions on how to prepare yourself


DARSHAN is transmitted to be received at three different times.

7.00pm,  8.30pm and  10.00pm

Choose your own time and prepare yourself. David doesn’t need to know what time you have chosen as he transmits at all three times to everyone who has registered.

Hi Dave, thanks for the opportunity to join you today. My heart was beating like a drum at 1pm (when Darshan began). I saw ancient people, Aztec I think – then suddenly my heart stopped and resumed a normal rhythm. I then felt as if I was lying in the grass – there were cherry blossom trees – flowers – birds – no sound, yet stunning.

Around 1.25 a voice said, “Nothing is as it seems.” I fell into a deep sleep and woke with a start at exactly 2pm. It took me a while to come around properly, I felt calm and relaxed- breathing easier and knee less painful.

Thank you once again I feel a massive weight has been lifted.

Anne, Yorkshire, Feedback from a Distant DARSHAN