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What is Darshan with Dave?
Darshan means a blessing given from the Divine through an evolved spiritual master delivered in a deeply personal manner. It offers a profoundly beneficial effect on the seeker as it initiates a process of further opening of their heart and consciousness. Different masters use different approaches reflecting their individual characters and callings. Some are well known Avatars, such as Amma the Hugging Saint or Mother Meera who holds the head and then looks deeply into the eyes. David, whilst not being an Avatar has opened to the point where many consider him to be perhaps one of the first Western-born people with Guru-like abilities, having brought down a Light for the evolution of humanity.

During DARSHAN, Dave will hold your hands, looking deeply into your eyes as the light is passed into your heart and deeper consciousness. You then sit and allow the process to go deeper as David sits with the group.
What to Expect
The feedback from Dave’s Darshan, has been profound with typical experiences of being taken so deeply into oneself that you are not conscious in any normally understood way, some being taken into the realms of the cosmos and witnessing the movement of planets, others having experiences of meeting the Divine. The effect can enable you to perceive reality in a completely none judging, non-reacting neutral state. There will be ample opportunity at the event to share our experiences after Darshan. Please see the testimonials for more information in the website below.

What does it Mean for You?
These are some of the benefits to the individual:

  • The opportunity to receive a Divine Blessing directly into your heart.
  • Experiencing an altered state of consciousness.
  • It is like linking your heart with the heart of God.
  • Darshan gives the Universe an opportunity to give you what you really need in the moment for the advancement of your life and soul in this incarnation.

We look forward to sharing this wonderful blessing of
DARSHAN with you soon.

Please Contact Sue Henry at suehenry5np@hotmail.com to book your place