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Focused Formulas &
Light Programs

Focused Formulas

A new Focused Formula is offered every two months.

It has a focus to help you in the moment with whatever is happening in the world, or it offers a specific healing and transformation pattern for particular issues.

Light Programs

For those seeking help, inner clarity and guidance on a longer-term basis, there is the 12 week connection to The Emerald Heart Light.

Each offer comes with specific guidance and instructions once you register. You can also see your connection listed on the website here:

Please see below.

  • Twin Flame Light Program in two parts In this Light Program you receive a stream of both The Emerald Heart Light and The Mary Magdalene Light simultaneously to help you overcome any unhealed pains of Lost Love in your heart. Heart pain can accumulate from life-time to life-time and are carried so deep within our heart that it is almost impossible to touch with our waking consciousness. This 2-part Light Program is to help you in overcoming any heart pains, for you to find inner balance and inner peace.
    • Part 1 starts on the 1st of May and lasts for 6 weeks
    • Then a break of about three weeks
    • Part 2 starts on the 1st of July and lasts for 6 weeks
    With each part you get two essence vibrations as a gift, over £80 worth, to be received with our Essence App. Once you have registered, you will receive instructions on how to access the vibration of your essences through the Essence App. The Light Transmissions will be transmitted to you each day during Part 1 and Part 2. Therefore, you don’t need to do anything to receive the Light Transmission.
  • Monthly Fill Your Heart with Light Program Next transmission date: 10th May 2023
  • Welcome to this Brand New 4-week Light Program to help us with the current energies of events that are unfolding on Planet Earth right now.
    • Healing and Cleansing of Uncertainty
    • Offers Comfort and Inner Support
    • Dissolves Worry
    • Strengthens the Heart
    • Offers Gentle Transformation
    PLUS: MY GIFT TO YOU (Value £20) We would like to offer you, at no charge, A TRANSMISSION of The Emerald Heart Light Essence. You will receive instructions in your order confirmation email on how to receive the essence transmission.
  • A 4-week Program bringing you into Harmony with the Fluctuations of the Universal Vibrations in the moment, with The Emerald Heart Light Read more
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