Light Manifestation Program

Seek out and dissolve dark energy & negativity

Detox Focused Formula

Introduction to Light

You can invest in a Light Program directly through the website as a Self-help Tool or they may be offered through a consultation with a Practitioner.

When working with a Practitioner, the type of Program suggested will be chosen by the Light based on what your own Higher-self determines is the best thing for you in the moment. When connected to the Light, you will see your first name in the Register of Connections. All Light Programs differ from each other in the way the Light is presented to you and what it does for you during the active period of the Program and beyond.

Light Manifestation Program

Only offered as a Remote Transmission

A Light Manifestation Program is not about helping you to manifest things, but the name is an explanation of the way the Light is created around you.

The Light comes to you from The Source but is initiated by David Ashworth.

As David focuses upon you through his heart, then the Light begins to manifest around you. It builds in layers on the outside of your physical body but within the Etheric Aura, unlike some other Programs where the Light pours directly into your heart.

How it works

Life Support System

As the layers build, they become quite thick, around 5 inches (13cm). It appears like an insulation blanket around your body. The Light then holds you in this incredible space, isolated and protected from the outside world so that the Program can do its work.

Tendrils of Light

Once the blanket of Light is completed around you, then fine tendrils of Light begin grow from it and penetrate your being from the blanket. Each tendril has its own consciousness, yet is a part of the whole. The tendrils begin to seek out any form of dark energy or negativity and dissolve it, whilst also seeking out areas that need healing. The Program eventually results in a rise in your vibration.

The work done in a Light Manifestation Program is between The Source and your own Higher-self. The Blanket will stay in place for somewhere between 3 to 4 weeks and then begin to dissolve and slowly fall away. Its work having been completed.

If you find that a Light Manifestation Program is particularly suited to yourself, you can take one on average about every 8 weeks.