About DARSHAN with David

DARSHAN is a wonderful Divine Blessing given through the purified heart of a Spiritual Master or Guru. You will receive exactly what you need in the moment from the Divine.

Those who have done much spiritual work and who have developed their sensitivities will often have a profound experience, but also those who have not done any spiritual work at all, may also receive such an experience. Whatever is given in the moment will be what you need.

3 Ways to Receive David’s DARSHAN

♥  Distant DARSHAN – A Weekly Transmission

  Darshan Essence

  Live Event where David gives DARSHAN in person


  A Personal Connection to the Light!

In addition to DARSHAN, David offers you a personal 28 day connection to the Light

that opened his heart – The Emerald Heart Light.

This can help you to deal with issues, fears, difficulties in life as well as deepening

and prolonging your DARSHAN experience. It will also accelerate your spiritual

growth and opening your heart. You will be held for 28 days in David’s Light.