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A Powerful Divine Blessing direct to Your Heart with David Ashworth

Next Transmission date:
28th July 2024

What is a Darshan Blessing?

Darshan is a Divine Blessing of Light given directly from The Source through David

It is manifested directly into your heart and can be received anywhere in the world at your local time.
It is available at three different times.

You don’t need to do anything other than lay down comfortably and prepare yourself to receive at the appropriate time.

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Darshan Participant Feedback

“Thank you Dave for your guidance, help and healing for more than 10 years and thank you for your dedication to the path, which has brought forth the gift of Darshan, which I have been privileged to receive.”
Kirk Mottershead, Manchester, UK

“I was just about to get in touch to let you know how things are progressing and unfolding since receiving Darshan with you. I do know it is continuing to bring in much creativity, clearer guidance and motivation. Showing many things as they clear – some long forgotten while honing and refining our true selves.”

Paula, UK

“Thank you for the Darshan for my son that I signed up for a few weeks ago!  I asked that he might ‘grow in wisdom and stature’ (he is 11yrs old). It has made a significant difference!

Everybody has commented on how much calmer and more measured he is. As his mum, I am so pleased and so thankful for what he has received.”

Anonymous, UK

“David – just wanted to say what a particularly valuable Darshan last Sunday.  I am about to move house which was bringing up lots of old emotions.  During the Darshan I had the strong sensation that they were all leaving out of my back and that I was cleared to begin the next stage of my life.  I slept really well afterwards.  Thank you.”

Anonymous, UK

How can it help me?

People experience many different things. Some experience profound and deeply spiritual processes and others receive illumination and practical answers to life’s everyday questions. Darshan can also provide deep healing. Because the DARSHAN DIVINE BLESSING comes directly from The Source into your Heart, it is very personal and given for what you need in the moment.

Powerful Healing
and inner calm

Clear energy blockages and even past karma

Contentment, well-being, happiness and pure joy

DARSHAN can illuminate changes that you need to make in your life, and sometimes even dissolve the blockages to those things, which then moves you forwards immediately.

Many have absolutely profound, life-changing experiences of literally being touched by something Divine. It can be dramatic or sweet and gentle, leading to a feeling of nourished wellbeing.

DARSHAN will give you what you need in the moment.

David Ashworth

Spiritual Teacher & Author

For more than thirty years David has been working with individuals and our Earth Mother to bring about healing and evolution of consciousness to uplift and benefit life in general.

The Universe has used him to create the most wonderful healing and transformational tools such as High Vibrational Essences, Light Programs, Spiritual Journeys, Retreats and personalised processes to help our self-development and life-direction.

He is a well-respected spiritual teacher who has written 8 books. As his own development continues to unfold, he continues to support us with regular new offerings that are given directly from the Universe for our benefit.


Darshan is an eastern word meaning ‘to touch’ or be ‘touched’ by something of the Divine, perhaps even at the same time. It can be an experience where you feel you have been opened and touched by God and also to feel the God within yourself.

Darshan is a transmission of Conscious Light that is given by the Divine through the purified heart of a person who has been chosen as a vehicle to bring the Light of Universal Consciousness into the hearts of others.

The Light of Darshan often sends you into a very deep state where you may even think you have fallen asleep. However, it tends to knock you out fairly instantly and then you come back into consciousness very quickly so it doesn’t have the same effect as sleep. It takes you out of your consciousness so that the Light can be received at the deepest level within you.

People experience many different things, from experiencing a serene calmness, through uplifting healing to being touched by God and transformed. The experience will be different every time too, as we frequently need to receive something unique.

A Darshan transmission is what is called a 5th dimensional process, which means it goes beyond time and space. Once you are registered to receive Darshan and you prepare yourself at the appropriate time, then the Light of the Divine Blessing manifests around you and within you instantly at the appointed time.

It is offered free of charge because there are many who cannot afford to make any kind of exchange. There is an opportunity to make a donation for those who wish to thank David for devoting his life our care and helping humanity and our Earth Mother where he can.

Your name is listed to receive the Darshan Divine Blessing. There are three times that you can receive it on the given day: 7.00pm; 8.30pm and 10.00pm. You can choose whichever time suits you best, and once you sit or lie down to receive it, it will be given for you. You don’t have to do anything other than prepare yourself comfortably to receive.

The Universe offers and we receive and this is a difficult question to answer. The Universe will offer what you need in the moment, and it might be that you need a lot or just a little. However, Universal Consciousness or God, or whatever you want to call it, functions through certain laws and the two specific laws that govern what is offered and received are The Law of Reflection and The Law of Balance in Exchange. The Universe reflects the truth of what is in your heart and it balances the exchange. When you make an investment, you will get a return. When you make a wise investment, you may receive a better return. We have no idea, what the Universe will reflect to us, but we will certainly receive a Divine Blessing when we register for Darshan.