How can DARSHAN help me?

DARSHAN can help in many ways.

People experience many different things, some profound and deeply spiritual and others receive illumination and practical answers to life’s everyday questions. Because the DARSHAN Blessing comes directly from the Source into your Heart, it is very personal and given for you in the moment.

Below are some of the things people have experienced:

♥  Powerful healing

♥  Relief of daily stress and anxiety. (Very common)

♥  Overcoming powerful addictions

♥  A deep sense of peace

♥  Awakening to new levels of reality

♥  Improved focus and clarity with creativity and work

♥  Deep inner peace or even states of bliss, which can last for long periods of time

♥  Being connected with all of humanity, no separation

♥  Expanded sense of Inner Knowing and a sense of belonging

♥  Clearing of energy blockages and even past karma

♥  Contentment, well-being, happiness and a pure joy

♥  The oneness of everything, which changes the way you see life

DARSHAN can illuminate changes that you need to make in your life, and sometimes even dissolve the blockages to those things which then moves you forwards immediately.

Many have absolutely profound, life-changing experiences of literally being touched by God. It can be dramatic or sweet and simple, leading to a feeling nourished wellbeing.

DARSHAN will give you what you need in the moment.

What is DARSHAN?

DARSHAN is a Divine Blessing given from the Source. It is transmitted through the purified heart of an individual, usually someone who has been transformed through deeply spiritual processes, often called a guru.

Guru is a Sanskrit word meaning Teacher – one who dispels darkness (through the Light that they carry).

What about Children?

Children say that it relieves the stress and pressure they experience from school, especially at exam time. Darshan is FREE for children under 16 years of age.

DARSHAN is delivered to children through a parent’s heart, usually the mother, but it can also be the father. The Light of DARSHAN is given to the mother’s heart and then passes into the child. In this way, it is a little like breast-feeding. Mother is feeding Light to the child, as she once may have fed life-giving milk full of love.

How often can I take DARSHAN?

Take DARSHAN anytime you feel that you need help or answers. Some people take it once every two or three weeks, others take it almost every week.