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    DARSHAN REGISTRATION CURRENTLY CLOSED - Please keep an eye on your emails for notification of the next Darshan. We will mail you a few days before to register. Join mailing list here Register for the upcoming Darshan here. Fill in your name and location so David knows where to send the Light. Children and Animals are FREE.
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  • You can receive a Personal Connection to the Light through David’s heart. This can illuminate your life in many ways. Find out more

    The Darshan Blessing is like an injection of Light into your Heart. It goes deep and heals or opens things that need to change, so that you can see them. If you take the drops of Darshan Essence each day, the essence continues to open the heart, allowing the Darshan Light to penetrate more deeply, helping you to open to the deeper truth of who you really are. Helping the healing process of many past-life events and opening opportunities for you to grow and prosper in this life time. Essence of DARSHAN Dave has created more than 100 High Vibrational Essences since 1999. All of these have had a profound effect in bringing him to this place of open heartedness. Each essence was guided through his heart and are called The Keys of Transformation.
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    Please note - This is for an essence transmission not a pre-prepared essence. Directions to Receive an Essence Transmission
    1. Obtain a sealed bottle of drinking water
    2. Write the name of the essence on a label and place it on the bottle.
    3. Place the bottle of water in a sacred place, with the Intent to Receive.
    For example, make yourself a little alter, or surround your bottle with some crystals or feathers. Or place the bottle in a sunny window. Anywhere at all that feels special and sacred to you.
    1. The moment you place your order the Transmission will begin and your essence will be ready the following morning by 6.00am.
    2. Take a teaspoonful of the water and place it in a glass containing a small amount of water and drink the water from the glass. (Never drink out of the bottle).
    3. Take the essence three times a day.
    • In the morning when you get up.
    • In the evening when you go to bed.
    • Somewhere around the middle of the day.
  • The Emerald Heart Light is the light that opened David's heart for the Golden Light of source to pour forth into the world. With this essence you are walking the same path that opened David and it will serve you just the same. ( See copy below )  
  • David Ashworth was and is an ordinary guy, but after a powerful spiritual awakening in the early 90s he developed amazing abilities to see into the consciousness at the heart of many things.

    Digital Version Click here to purchase a digital version straight to your Amazon Kindle
  • Buy Kindle Edition - Available via Amazon Golden Rabbit is the autobiography of David's awakening journey told through the lives of woodland creatures.

    Rahh is a young bunny, full of nothing but joy and happiness. Each morning he bounds out of his burrow with his brothers and sisters to play. Living on the edge of the ancient wood, life is wonderful and simple. Rahh doesn’t know anything different until one morning there is a golden glow in the woodland. As the bunnies creep forward to investigate this strange light, they meet Golden Rabbit.

    Rahh’s simple life is about to go through interesting changes as his eyes are opened to a new way of seeing the world.This is a story of love. Not a love story but a story that brings you into the heart of love itself. And yet, it is also a love story. Now, there’s a confusing start but as you will see, confusion is an intimate part of Rahh’s journey, as a frequently confused rabbit.Written in a style that nurtures your inner child, Golden Rabbit could be described as a Children’s Book for Adults. As you let go and blend with the beautiful journey of the characters, you will find what you didn’t realise you had lost or left behind in your urgency to grow upWalk through the sacred woodland with Rahh and Golden Rabbit as they sprinkle love into your heart and our world. Are you ready for Golden Rabbit to sprinkle love into your heart?
  • This is the first book of Dave’s poetry.

    Dave is a shy and sensitive soul who carries a powerful light within. He is deeply connected to the earth and the universe. He has suffered with an open and over-sensitive heart his whole life, feeling the pain of the world and of humanity’s struggle.

    It is in those times of extreme joy or distress that his heart opens deeply and the words flow.

    This book is dedicated to all those who struggle with life and love through their sensitivity.

    Blessing and peace


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