• Next Darshan Transmission - 17th December 2023 We will mail you a few days before to register. Join mailing list here Register for the upcoming¬†Darshan here.

    The Darshan Blessing is like an injection of Light into your Heart. It goes deep and heals or opens things that need to change, so that you can see them. If you take the drops of Darshan Essence each day, the essence continues to open the heart, allowing the Darshan Light to penetrate more deeply, helping you to open to the deeper truth of who you really are. Helping the healing process of many past-life events and opening opportunities for you to grow and prosper in this life time. Essence of DARSHAN Dave has created more than 100 High Vibrational Essences since 1999. All of these have had a profound effect in bringing him to this place of open heartedness. Each essence was guided through his heart and are called The Keys of Transformation.
  • The Emerald Heart Light is the light that opened David's heart for the Golden Light of source to pour forth into the world. With this essence you are walking the same path that opened David and it will serve you just the same. ( See copy below )  
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