About David

You could write volumes on David’s spiritual work to date…

♥  Workshops and Retreats throughout Europe

♥  The Original Channel of The Emerald Heart Light

♥  Founder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

♥  The original source of the Emerald Heart Teachings

♥  Creator of the Emerald Heart Spiritual Programs

♥  Creator of the Keys of Transformation Essences

♥  Author of 6 books

♥  Teacher and Mentor to thousands of spiritual seekers…

… and the list goes on.

David’s Awakening

In the early 1990s David underwent a profound awakening. Within a short period of time he transitioned from his every day job as a typesetter to being a full time healer, developing a unique and incredibly successful practice in Manchester, in the UK.

In 2004 the Universe asked him to close the door and walk away from his practice and that new things would be given to him. Knowing there was no choice and trusting his guidance, he closed the door and walked away. Five months later, in January 2005, The Emerald Heart Light was poured into his heart. For six months he hardly slept as the Light brought profound spiritual teachings to him. The Light showed David how the Universe worked based on certain laws. For over ten years, David shared these teachings and taught the Laws to many people, travelling throughout Europe to teach and share what had been given to him.

Once again, he was asked to step away from what he had created and leave The Emerald Heart School at the end of December 2015. Within weeks his heart was further purified and opened to the degree where he could offer DARSHAN.

DARSHAN is the ultimate expression of the development of a Spiritual Master or Guru. To reach a point where your heart is fully open for the Divine to reach into this world. As the student sits before the Guru, the Universe pours Light through the Guru’s heart into the heart of the student. A blessing from the Divine floods into the student’s heart to accelerate their spiritual evolution, usually in a profound experience.

The Unfolding of a Master

David’s dedication to the Spiritual path is unquestionable, but when asked how he reached such an exalted position and attained such an open heart, his answer is quite simple.

“I just kept knocking on the door of the Universe until it let me in. However, I had quite a bit of help along the way. Firstly, I was guided to travel far and wide to obtain vibrations to create my essences. My Guidance calls them The Keys of Transformation. There is no doubt that each and every one of them has helped to open my heart and bring me to this place of completion.

When the essences had opened my heart to a certain degree, I was then given The Light of The Emerald Heart. This Light then burned my heart open even more. It just never stopped burning until I reached the point where I could offer DARSHAN.

The journey has been some 25 years or thereabouts, but there is one thing I know for certain. Anyone who follows me down this path can open their heart to the same level, if not greater than I have. I have left behind me all the teachings and tools that brought me here. All you need is the determination to never give up.”