Feedback from Participants of Darshan

When I called David the first time, I was coming out of an intense spiritual awakening process which has been shaking me for several months and left me a little breathless in terms of its intensity. David helped me at that time with an essence which helped to calm my energetic and emotional system. Four weeks later I was able to enter my first “Wheel of the Light” program, which was initiated to support me with further release of trauma energy. Since I have experienced trauma work for about 16 years, I can tell that the work with David is unique in many ways. After the “Wheel of Light” program was initiated, I felt that I was flooded for days with warm, incoming light. Like a wave its intensity was going up and down and I felt encapsulated and don´t wanted to leave this beautiful energy. My trauma triggered reactions of my body where constantly going down and I felt increasingly safe and self-determined again. In comparison to what I experienced with other trauma release work before, it is so much softer. The light is just doing its work without driving body and mind into reactivation of trauma energy before the release. This is what I enjoy most about it that its just working without any effort from my side and the dissolving happens with less stress reactions in comparison to my previous experiences. Nothing else is required than being ready to receive.

I feel that this ability of bringing such high vibrant energies to our planet has been given to David due to his ability to step back as a person/ego and let light and a divine consciousness do what ever is needed. I guess, many of us have understood this process intellectually, when working with David, it can be experienced very practically. There is something deeply humanitarian in David´s work and attitude. On the one side he can access your problem direct and effective, on the other hand he will not push for something you are not ready for. And from my personal experience I can tell, that he is able to handle all kind of “extreme” situations that can come up when you are exploring subtle energies which provided me with a lot of security. With writing this I want to express my deep gratitude and hope David will share his divine blessings for a long time with the world.

Love and blessings,


Dr. Patric Schlager, Weekly Distant Darshan

I have so enjoyed reading Golden Rabbit. I felt I was there and was taken into the consciousness of Rahh. I felt I was on a truly beautiful journey of the nature kingdom, all creation, much wisdom and felt so much a part of it speaking to the heart.

Fairy Stories too brought in a beautiful energy and connected me back once again to when I did my Shamanic Journey Day with you Dave when you had just moved into The Lodge in 2011. I remember you saying at the time that fairies had come out to see me as we sat there among the trees and that they were respecting my space and just come to take a look at us.

The 3 month connection to the Emerald Heart Light is clearing old stuck energy and bringing in new inspiration and motivation and feels like a little pot bubbling and simmering away giving off a lovely warm glow.

I’d like to be on it all the time really – it’s so wonderful the way it cuts through everything and allows space for new gifts to come through.

Love & Blessings for 2019

Paula, Books & Emerald Heart Connection to the Light

Dear David,

Thank you for the gift of Darshan and the emerald heart light. I continue to benefit greatly from both.

Not sure what my Darshan experience meant last night or if it is helpful to share, but here it is anyway. I again visited the realm I described last time and again joined a circle of light beings projecting light towards Earth. Except this time when the light hit Earth it looked like we were causing an enormous explosion! I felt alarmed but was reassured by someone in the light circle that it was just the powerful impact of the light. It certainly felt intense. It felt as if an enormous force was rushing through me and it is difficult to describe, or even comprehend in my present form.

Lucy, Weekly Distant Darshan

Hiya Dave,

Thank you Dave for your guidance, help and healing for more than 10 years and thank you for your dedication to the path, which has brought forth the gift of Darshan, which I have been privileged too receive.

How do I start to describe my progression and development except to say that David has been integral in my progression and compassionate enough to help me even though I know at times he has banged his head on the wall at my mistakes. (Not mistakes Kirk, learning opportunities – David)

Whilst Dave progressed to the level of Darshan I have gone through very significant changes in my spiritual evolution. I know of nobody else that has the same skills as David and I am very grateful and respectful for the help and dedication I have received from him. I have recently gone through big changes again, which I attribute to the Darshan I have received and I have also been guided through the changes personally with Dave, which are as important for me as the Darshan. I think without his guiding influence I would in all truth not be here any longer. This may sound dramatic but I would put my hand on my heart and state this as fact. So on the one hand Dave has very amazing abilities to create change through Darshan and in my opinion an equally if not more impressive ability to guide you through these changes and how they are materialising.

If somebody has not gone through deep changes it is not possible to explain the journey to them. So without any hesitation I give thanks to Dave and his guidance for the changes I have gone through. I have not been quick enough in writing this assessment of Darshan for how important it has been to me, which I apologise for. Sometimes the changes just don’t seem to stop.

Thank you for your compassion.

My very great respect and thanks to you Dave and your guidance.
Very best wishes as always

Kirk Mottershead, Distant Darshan

Hi Dave,

So, I’d just like to leave some feedback from my experience on the Emerald Heart Light Program.

I invested in the 3 month course on May 28th, and two days later I received my Emerald Heart Light essence.  Well, what I didn’t know was, that it was going to work with immediate effect.

That night I went to bed and my heart started racing, faster than normal as I began settling down to sleep, I remember thinking, oh my goodness, what’s going on here!?  I also had a very vivid dream that night too, not sure if that was the essence or not but wow what a first night 😂

When I woke up in the morning, again my heart was racing, I began thinking, wow this is powerful stuff, I bet Dave’s tired, lol.

This was now a Friday after only receiving it the day before, I was witnessing pure magic in the days that followed, and seriously you couldn’t make this stuff up! Whether this was to do with Dave, the essence or what I don’t know, but I witnessed a rainbow star around the sun on my phone camera the next day, if I could show you on the page I would. It was AAAAAMAYZING!

On the Saturday I kept seeing double numbers such as 11:11 and 12:12 etc., etc.  On Sunday I had a green caterpillar on my bathroom floor, no windows opened no way it could have got in, it wasn’t there the night before but there it was curled up on the floor. Later that day, I was sat chatting to my lovely friend Loraine who actually introduced me to Dave’s Emerald Heart Light Program. As I was chatting away, I looked down and there on the top of my left foot was a small green heart shaped petal.  Honestly, I told you, you couldn’t make it up, but it didn’t stop there. 😀

I’d go to the river with my son on a few occasions, we would sit down have a picnic, play in the river, and what would happen?  A bright emerald green bug would land on us, then next an emerald coloured dragonfly not just one, but a big group of them would fly around us, one even landed on my back my son told me. On the 6th June I even dreamt of the emerald heart 😂💚 I just remember seeing it.  Besides all those spectacular things, I also had lots of pulsing in my body too that felt like my pulse but on a greater scale.

I’d been looking for a job and I secured two job interviews too, one job I’ve ended up getting. I’m just waiting for my dbs papers to come through now.

I was also looking for a new house to live in, more houses came up for me to view. When previously there had been nothing.  And this was all in the first two weeks of saying yes to the universe. 🙂

So David, I can honestly say that your Emerald Heart Light Program and Essence, really does work, WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT!! 🙂💚

I have loved every minute of the whole experience.

So grateful to you in all you do and all you bring out. The benefits are amazing. 🙂

Of course those were the highs but I have dealt with the lows and the inbetweens as well. That was just my first two weeks, now it’s working on a much deeper level as you say, and as you know I’m now taking your extreme hope essence. This is also very deep. Feeling tired a lot lately but it’s been bringing a lot of stuff up to heal too.  That’s a bit more personal, I won’t share that on here, that’s for when I next speak with you Dave.  But so far so good.

So would I recommend the Emerald Heart Light and Dave’s Essences!??

Heck yeah!!  100%.

Thank you Dave for everything, you’re truly amazing.

Lots of love, light and blessings


Liz, Emerald Heart Light Program.

Dear David,

Just wanted to let you know how my first Distant Darshan was and thank you for my Darshan and after Darshan experience.

I followed your instructions and was lying 15 minutes before the Darshan with my eyes closed. I was kind of calm and relaxed but all of a sudden I felt tears streaming down my cheeks…couldn’t control them…

At the time Distant Darshan started I was back to my relaxed state but the tears’ effect was on and off. I saw clouds of different colours – started with a dark red, then changing into dark grey, light grey and blue. Then clouds changed into soft white, can’t forget it. I felt a bit of pressure on my head and a tingling sensation in my legs. At one point – I opened my eyes and instinctively looked at the time – I was 45 minutes into the Darshan but it didn’t seem that long, so I was kind of lost in time, too.

I would say the after experience is absolutely fantastic!! I felt extremely relaxed and calm on the following day and I have a very stressful job. I was happy and smiling from within. Had a lot to do but didn’t feel the stress, I was doing one thing after another, amazing!!

I had also asked for a Darshan for my 2 grandchildren.

My younger grandchild was so much calmer and happier (going through a lot of tantrums at the moment and crying for no reason at all) and I also had the chance to talk to my other grandchild, who is not much of a talker and.. well, let’s say – just a stroppy teenager, I suppose. I thought I was talking to a different person, much calmer and actually wishing to talk and listen! So amazing!!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, David!!!

I feel so blessed!! I will be doing more Distant Darshan with you!!

With lots of love

SM, Exeter, UK, Distant Darshan

Dear David,

I just did the Distant Darshan about an hour ago and it was the most powerful spiritual experience of my life.

I was delighted by what transpired in last night’s Darshan transmission. I’m no stranger to energy transmissions. It was over 35 years ago when I got initiated into Reiki from the original lineage. Since then I’ve had Darshan, Shaktipat initiations from a number of sources. Some very potent, and I still
sit with a teacher.

When I sat down at 2 minutes before the start of your Distant Darshan I really didn’t have any expectations. As I said, it wasn’t my first rodeo; within a few minutes I felt what can only be described as the “Thor’s Hammer” of energy. It was exponentially more powerful than anything I’ve ever experienced. It was a 100 megaton bomb as opposed to the Hiroshima blast. Afterwards I laid down for a while as every cell of every level of consciousness was experienced.

Thought stopped ! All prosaic nonsense of this world stopped ! I knew this was ultimately what was possible. It was experientially demonstrated. No theory or new spiritual paradigms were necessary. In one fell swoop there was dissolution and creation.

After about half an hour I took a shower and went outside to ground. I wanted what you had demonstrated. It was the penultimate of spiritual/religious experiences!

Mark, New York, Distant Darshan on May 21st 2017

Hi Jack,

The most amazing thing for me about the (Live Darshan with David) event was seeing a green aura around David. I’ve never experienced that before and know I did not imagine it. It was very strange. When speaking directly to David, his white aura starting flickering green and then all turned green.

I saw it the whole time I spoke to him whilst he was seated on the chair in front of me… quite amazing. I saw a white aura around both you and Tim also, your aura stretched over the edge of your chair as well.

Sharonah, Live Darshan in Exeter organised by Jack Childs

Thank you for the Darshan for my son that I signed up for a few weeks ago!  I asked that he might ‘grow in wisdom and stature’ (he is 11yrs old). It has made a significant difference!

Everybody has commented on how much calmer and more measured he is. As his mum, I am so pleased and so thankful for what he has received.

Anonymous Mother, Weekly Distant Darshan

Dear David,

After preparation and resting, including listening to mantra-chanting for an hour, (Gayatri Mantra), I felt ready to receive Darshan.

I’m not sure how wise it is to read all the wonderful feedbacks from people who have received Darshan. A bit like reading the enclosures that come with medicine pill packs. Suddenly you find yourself expecting all the side effects…

Anyway, I saw neither Stars nor Stripes. However, I found myself in a realm hard to describe – so peaceful, and yet so very real. I was part of a web where everybody and everything was connected.

In my mind, I’ve known this for a long time, but I never really experienced it before. This Knowing, this Belonging.  My heart was/is filled with an immense gratitude. Gratitude to ALL THAT IS. Gratitude towards all my Teachers, Masters, Gurus, Guides, Angels throughout time. I also realize that every entity, every person I ever met has been a teacher.

Anonymous, Sweden, Weekly Distant Darshan

Hi Dave, hope you are good after the Darshan event, how does it affect you?

It certainly had a profound effect on me. It was perfect timing, after a nine month process that seemed to be all about exposing my heart of darkness, I was close to collapse when I saw you, overwhelmed by a constant stream of negativity.

During the session there was a lot happening, changes to my energy system, a peculiar
piercing of my head, I think some mental resistance being challenged there. Some symbolic images, a toad in the hands transformed into a bird. A golden ear of wheat.

Afterwards I felt the effects. The heart of darkness utterly silenced. Ecstasy. This lasted for 2 or 3 days before I became aware again of the dark emanations, however, now it is different, differentiated, clear to see, to hear, literally, the voice of the darkness. I hope to no longer identity with it or be influenced by it. I don’t think this phenomenon is any kind of external entity or even a fault in my own psyche, rather I think it is the universal connection to the dark, something that we all carry until the day of our final liberation.

Thank you for taking on this role. Although it is difficult and dangerous it is the right thing to do and I will be happy to help you in any way I can.

Hope to see you again soon

Love and best wishes.

Steve Smith, London, Personal Darshan with David

This case concerned the removal of an aspect of consciousness that was compromising Sarah’s life and particularly, her evolutionary process. Now the offending energies have been cleared, the Universe will be able to bring many new experiences, which, in turn, will continue to open the heart and expand the consciousness in an evolutionary way, allowing the unlimited development of healing and spiritual gifts.

Hi Dave,

I believe this is some of the best money I have ever spent and I look forward to speaking again in the not too distant future.

The insights I received from you yesterday were just incredible and without a doubt have changed my life. I finally understand the deepest suffering I have felt and for the first time I can see myself clearly. Following the call yesterday I felt an overwhelming sense of freedom. I feel so much gratitude to God, Jesus, Angels and the guides that have assisted me and guided me to date and I am so grateful that I was guided to you.

As I went to sleep last night I saw faces in my third eye, faces I have seen before, that I believe are some of my guides. I saw what I thought may have been the face of the entity screaming. It was odd and a little disturbing but that said, I didn’t feel the presence of the entity in the room with me last night, so I feel that is a good sign.

I woke up today with a pain in the right side of my neck that radiates into my shoulder and up into the back of my head. It actually feels like a muscular issue so maybe it’s completely unrelated. I just thought it was strange considering the probe from the entity was from my right shoulder and you said you could see the entity also in my neck…

I will look forward to our next encounter. Words can’t explain my gratitude to you. Your abilities have shown me my true self and helped to reveal my purpose for this incarnation. I am excited to move forward on my path.

Sending you lots of love,

Good morning!

Last night I closed my eyes and for the first time in for who knows how long, I felt peace, rather than fear!!!

Thank you!!!!

I felt like I was floating on a cloud, rather than being pressed down, feeling suffocated. I grounded myself and as I took my awareness up through my channel I saw my chakras for the first time in my third eye.

I feel like you have given me my life back!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Love Sarah X

Sarah, A personal consultation with David 18th jan 2017

Hi Dave,

Happy New Year. Hope you had a fun Christmas.

I just wanted to let you know that Danielle, Kael and myself all took part in Darshan last night. A family affair. We all had different experiences and I’d like to share mine with you as it was quite illuminating for me.

I started sitting on the sofa in a very relaxed state. The sounds of the outside world slowly drifted away and I felt like I dropped through time and space, until I was standing next to an archangel. We walked together down a tunnel of pure white light until we reached the foot of a spiral staircase.

We started to climb this spiral staircase through what appeared to be a multitude of universes. As we climbed my human existence and form peeled away until I was a multi-coloured ball of light floating in a dimension that goes way beyond my human understanding. I felt connected to everything simultaneously and touched a feeling of purity that was very different to my perception of it in human form.

Then I felt a vibration of understanding and communication, but the only way I can describe it is that a voice spoke to me with the following words:

‘Purity of Truth is what you need to achieve. To move beyond the human understanding of truth and purity and step into the higher energetic feeling of purity of truth. To hold the vibration of that Light that is a higher consciousness. To accept the passing of that Light into your Soul. To strip away the human confines and limitations that define purity and truth in a 3rd dimension reality and accept the vibration into the soul of purity of truth from a dimension beyond human perception. Accept this Light and let it flow into your soul and return with it into the human form where the soul will let it shine out to all humanity that desires to feel it.

The only block in the way is the fear of the personality that holds the soul.

Step out of the way of yourself and bring forth a purity of truth from a higher dimension into an earth bound reality.’

Then it stopped and I came back to consciousness in my very comfortable state on the sofa.

Interestingly after the Darshan last night I had a client today and it felt that the whole consultation went deeper but was also clearer. I think she was as surprised as I was 🙂

I thought I’d share this with you Dave. Have a great day.

Jon Gauntlet, Australia , Weekly Distant Darshan

DARSHAN 1.  When David’s Darshan first started, the energy pushed me right back in my chair, pushing my shoulders and opening up the heart chakra, it then went into my right shoulder, white pulsating light trying to heal. I knew what that was about.

After that it was like having a yoga session! The energy was trying to re-align my body physically with a lot of stretches, all the while pushing my shoulders back again.

Then bright white, pulsating light entered the heart centre and the whole room lit up.

I was shown a lot of blackness in the heart that the light couldn’t shift, so a hammer and chisel was brought in and chipped it away, leaving open weeping wounds all red, hot, angry and sore looking.

The light did try and heal but didn’t get it all. Also I was told to stop swearing! I’m not a habitual swearer, but I have said a few choice words this week, not directly to anyone just in expressing myself. I was told I am entering a period of grace, purity and calm.

I’m going to do some yoga every day this week and have another Darshan session next Sunday. If the light is not concentrating on re-aligning the body, as today, then I will probably have a more in depth experience or I might have a Program with David and finish what was started today.

DARSHAN 2.  This second Darshan (a week later) was a bit different. When the energy came in, it was a big bright, white pulsating heart that I was sat in at first, then it went into my heart and began moving me in a figure of eight. It also made my nose twitch like mad!

The light then went into my right shoulder again and was so painful as it tried to heal me there. Then the light went back to the heart and tried to heal the rawness in there with a soft white light.

Towards the end of the session the light in my heart showed nearly all the rawness gone, probably less than a third left and I was left with waves of purity, peace and love.

I’m going to round this off with a third session next Sunday.

DARSHAN 3.  Well this evening’s Darshan was very interesting. The energy came in and started moving me in a figure of eight again, like last week. It gave me a few stretches then my face became a heart and I sat in a white heart too.

As the energy entered my heart it was almost as if it was all still red raw underneath, so I stopped trying to control it and allowed it to do what was necessary. A white heart with wings started flying around in front of me and flew straight into my heart, which nearly lifted me off my chair, then kind of astrally flew off with me. I felt so much lighter and brighter and all the rawness was finally gone.

Then the pièce de résistance happened!

It was as if David himself had physically manifested in my room standing behind me, his hands on my head and a rush of energy went to my left ankle, which is where I have one patch of skin irritation left. Since my big lesson during the recent weeks, my skin has been clearing up, its taken two weeks and that’s the last bit.

David then had his arms outstretched and for the last 10 minutes I just had waves of complete purity, calm, unconditional love and peace.

Many, many blessings Dave. It was good to see you this evening!

Nicky Hesketh, Manchester, 3 Distant Darshan sessions

Hello Dear David,

I wanted to write and thank you for your Darshan in Munich.

I was very anxious to attend the Darshan, which began to “work” on me already a couple of days before. As if it had established a connection on a thin layer, still before as on the material level.

On the Darshan evening, it had been recommended to keep our eyes closed at your arrival in the room, and so I did. But as soon as opening the door, I felt like a strong air current that moved me. The energy around was white and light blue.. so I peeked.

I looked and I immediately thought, “I know him already.” I heard something not human, I felt you were coming from other planes, but on these planes, we had already known us.

When I knelt in front of you, it was all very emotional. It was as if I saw again an Angel, I felt me secure and protected. Your eyes were slits of light, and entered into mine.

At that same moment I saw that we were on a cloud, you were a God, or a close collaborator.
We flew elsewhere for those few seconds granted, and we really spoke the language of the soul.

You don’t know, but when you held tight my hands to let me go, I didn’t want to leave, I felt so good there, and I was moved by this, grateful to have felt all this.

I hope to meet you again, it was a beautiful trip.

Thank you

M.T, Darshan Munich Event


Dear David,

They were the kindest eyes I have ever seen. I also felt extremely safe when I looked into your eyes and felt the soft hands. When I sat down afterwards I felt a large circle in front of me and I kind of fell asleep for a while.

The feeling after a few days and still over a week after the Darshan is calmness, even though I have been with friends in the big city of New York, far away from family and my small village Hestra in Sweden.

I would love to be a part of Darshan again! I would feel more relaxed the second time now that I know little more how it works.

Thank you very much David for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this!

With love! ❤️

Therese, Sweden, Darshan Event

Good morning David,

A great many thanks for the beautiful DARSHAN you sent me on Sunday night.

I could literally feel the light pouring into my heart. The moment it finished, I jolted just as though I had been unplugged from mains electricity!

As I came downstairs, my daughter looked at me and said she could see beautiful blue lights of energy all around me. I felt, and still feel today (Tuesday) the most beautiful peace.

Thank you and God bless.

Charlotte, Distant Darshan

Alyss Shares the changes in her Son from Distant Darshan

Dear David

I thought I would offer you some feedback on the Darshan session with my 12 year old son, Joshua. You can of course share it if you wish.

I could feel the energy moving through my heart to him, this is already a natural feeling as a mother but it was intense and somehow or other we found ourselves snuggling up together during the time of the session. He was not very interested in hearing about it beforehand, so I didn’t really say much, and he was watching a film though I wasn’t paying attention to it.

Recently he has been going through changes and big challenges, and has been argumentative and distant, with a stubborn quality, but very soon after the session it was like a switch had been turned on and his sweet, loving, bright nature instantly returned. He has been delightful ever since.

Thank you!

Alyss's 12 year old son, Free child Darshan

Dear David,

I arrived at the Darshan event in Munich with very mixed feelings, not knowing at all what would happen for me. During preparation we were all sitting on the chairs waiting for everyone to arrive, I could already feel energy coming out of my hands, which was growing in strength.

Before it was my turn to come up and kneel down in front of David, I had a strange feeling: I wanted to open my eyes just to have a very short look at David, it was like a certain longing, just to see him once again, just for a second. But when I opened my eyes, at this very moment I saw my daughter receiving Darshan from him.

Watching this scene, it seemed as if my heart was to explode inside me, so much love and gratefulness I felt for both of them in this very moment. (It was my daughter who introduced me to David and the Emerald Heart Light 3 years ago.)

Receiving my own Darshan I first only felt my heart beating very quickly, but  after some seconds looking into David’s eyes, I felt a certain surprise, which made my heart stop beating so much, and then being seated again I slowly recovered calm, and during  this peaceful feeling, which lasted until everybody had received the Darshan blessing, I saw images of black coloured tablets coming out of my body or head  going up in the air, tablets which had been perforated showing big holes where the wind could blow through. There came the idea that these tablets represented some of my old false beliefs or behaviour patterns, which now had been perforated so that new ideas could be brought into my life. This made me feel very happy and grateful at the same time.

I’m more than sure that this Darshan will help me to gain more and more consciousness about how to be more aware of my own false (not coming from my heart) behaviours gained during many years adapting myself always to other people’s interests.

Thank you so much Dave for this Darshan.

Anke Weymann, Spain, Darshan Munich Event

Good morning Dave,

Thank you. I have booked another Distant Darshan for this Sunday. My last experience was completely different to what I expected.

At 7 o’clock I felt an intense burning on my skin in the chest/heart area, I didn’t feel internally that much was happening, however over the coming days I experienced an amazing shift – a  very deep seated Trust in the universe.

With love

Kerry, Australia, First Person to receive Distant Darshan in Australia

Dear David,

I was driving on a crowded M62 at the time!  Thus I was having the experience of focusing on being here and safe, and also the experience of connection to the spiritual energies at the same time.  I was however very aware of the session.

I felt it click “on” at 7.28, and it faded away near 8.  It is hard to find words to describe this; for me the Darshan has evolved over the sessions I have attended, from something that initially felt like something difficult I had to face, particularly a feeling of acute self-consciousness, to more of a sense of nourishing wellbeing.

It has always left me with a sweet feeling, and the energy of the following days has felt smooth and blessed, and I think it has contributed to my ongoing sense of happiness and wellbeing. This feels sustaining and really helps me keep going with everything in a positive way.

Many thanks and Love

Alyss, Distant Darshan


Thank you Tim for organising Darshan last Sunday and thank you also to Nicholas for creating sacred space for us all to feel safe and nurtured in his beautiful home.

The Darshan I received through Dave was a gentle and wonderful experience. His courage and dedication, which is enabling him to manifest such pure Love and Light through his physical body is truly humbling. His total commitment to bring Love and Light into the world makes him a true Spiritual Warrior of the highest calibre.

The Darshan Essence upholds the feeling of Love and Peace experienced. I feel very blessed and look forward to receiving the Distant Darshan blessing that is now available.

Eluna, Wales, London Darshan Event


My jaw dropped in awe of the Light around you when you entered the room.
It was such a sweet feminine light. The Light was pristine.

Suzanne, London, London Darshan Event


Thank-you so much for the (Distant) Darshan! Rod and I both had really powerful experiences, both feeling a lot of rushing energy and movement like being in a downpour of rain, but instead of water, torrents of light / energy of different colours pouring over and through us, we had almost identical experiences of it, amazing colours, a sensation of going down a wormhole of fast changing colour, tingling in our chakras especially the crown, third eye and heart… I saw a bright white light right at the start… some images that I cannot remember and voices although I could not hear what they said… an overwhelming sense of peacefulness. It was awesome.

Thank-you and we will definitely be booking for another transmission. As always any connections and spiritual work we do with you is super powerful and gratefully received.

Thank-you again. Love Light and Blessings to you

Roo and Rod xx, Cornwall, Weekly Distant Darshan

and I was rewarded with utter peace at the end!

“After being on a wheel of light programme for a few months, I signed up for (Distant) Darshan with the intent of furthering opening up my heart to support the work that was already being done.

The power of the Darshan transmission was immense and was the most powerful experience of the light I had had thus far. After lying down at the appointed time, the energy immediately started going through me. It became more and more intense to the point that it almost felt like it was burning my skin. As this was happening repressed childhood memories and stuff from a long forgotten past life came clearly into my consciousness, which linked to the fears I was currently working on. After working through these for the majority of the Darshan period, I was “rewarded” with a period of utter peace at the end. This is hard to put into words, but was the deepest state of relaxation I had ever known and I wanted to stay in that state forever”

Jack, Exeter, Weekly Distant Darshan


I was just about to get in touch to let you know how things are progressing and unfolding since receiving Darshan with you. I do know it is continuing to bring in much creativity, clearer guidance and motivation. Showing many things as they clear – some long forgotten while honing and refining our true selves.

Also I have been shown opportunities to change old perceptions of events from the consciousness I had at that time, turn it around, free myself up and wave it goodbye. Forgiveness of ourselves and others too. Very deep and powerful Healing and a feeling of peace in the heart.

Thank you so much for your dedication in grounding this beautiful Divine gift on Earth which will do so very much in helping others too in waking up to the knowledge of their true purpose for being here and to know and love themselves unconditionally as well as developing unity consciousness.

We enjoyed our visit so much. It has transformed us in ways we are still discovering.

Paula, A One-to-One Personal Darshan


Thank you so much for the Darshan last Wednesday. It has had a profound effect. It is very subtle really yet I have found myself very motivated now in a way I wasn’t previously. All the fear about what I need to do seems to have disappeared and I seem much happier with life just as it is. It is a very calm feeling yet a very uplifting and motivating one. It is really lovely. My creativity and focus which has come forward since the Darshan has been marvellous. I am creating some really wonderful work now.

Thank you so very much.

With love and sincerest appreciation

Liz, A One-to-One Personal Darshan

When I went up for Darshan, I felt a pressure in my heart, then a wave if heat in my heart and head, lots of energy A quite profound experience, really.

Anonymous, London Darshan Event

I was driving in my car yesterday when suddenly my heart burst open and I had to cry over the beauty in everything – about the beauty in the landscape, about the beauty in the radio music – and it was just ordinary autobahn landscape and mainstream pop music – but I cried deeply for half an hour and I felt deep love and my heart opening further. A feeling of ‘Christ has come’. I looked at the watch and it was the time of your Darshan session and I felt deeply connected. It was beautiful. Yesterday really felt like a profound and important day!

Yvonne, Munich, Weekly Distant Darshan

It is hard to find any words, but it is like energy got deeper into my heart than it has got in before and a lot of pressure in my forehead and a sense of going back in time, right to the beginning of time.

Anonymous, Darshan Event

When I went in front of Dave, I felt like a very small child and I wanted to say hello to Dave but it wasn’t Dave. I felt like it was a parent looking down into my heart, looking at all my fears. I was feeling exposed, but not in a bad way; in a good way. I then felt an intense feeling in my head, it was fear, but in a good way. And looking into all those areas of my heart that I close off to the world, but it was allowing someone to look into that, and it was very special.

Andrew, London Darshan Event

I felt like I was standing in a wind tunnel. Tremendous heat, like an absolute furnace. An awful lot happening in my brow chakra. And then it was as if I was taken to a different state, so present, but not present, aware of what was happening, but connected somewhere else. Also a lot of things happening in the physical body and it is still unfolding.

Anonymous, Darshan Event


Hi Dave,
Very uplifting in a way that I felt that some deep aspects, passageways of my soul even, that haven’t been addressed or even looked at for a very long time were having some work done. A bit of a spring clean really. Maybe this was the blessing doing its work, that’s the feeling I got. That I was being cleaned, that negative traits and habits of my soul-body were evaporating. They had no reason to cling on. They saw the light and were rendered useless.

The experience started out with some noise and I remember getting comfy on the couch and thinking I need to meditate with this. Repeating this thought a lot and almost getting into a panic that something might not happen. Or I’m too in the physical brain to allow anything to take place.
I then felt something open up, and I slipped into a calm place. This is when I felt what I describe as a cleansing process. I was a passenger for this journey, and felt very safe on the ride. I remember feeling like I was cocooned in some sort of pod and it was a very safe, warm and nourishing environment for the spirit to go through with this cleanse.

I remember that I was quite awake before the Darshan but tired afterwards. I remember briefly coming round from it but then falling asleep within minutes, even seconds of coming round. It felt like some big adjustments had been made and some heavy stuff lifted, I’m not sure of what or how much.

Nick, Manchester, One to One Darshan

I experienced a kind of bubble of sweetness and gentleness, very gentle around my heart.

Anonymous, Darshan Event

Hi Dave thanks for the opportunity to join you today.
My heart was beating like a drum at 1pm (when Darshan began)I saw ancient people Aztec I think – then suddenly my heart stopped and resumed a normal rhythm. I then felt as if I was lying in the grass – there were cherry blossom trees – flowers – birds – no sound yet stunning.

Around 1.25 a voice said, “Nothing is as it seems.”

I fell into a deep sleep and woke with a start at exactly 2pm.
It took me a while to come around properly, felt calm and relaxed- breathing easier and knee less painful.

Feeling great this morning can move around really happy – thank you once again I feel a massive weight has been lifted.

Anne, Weekly Distant Darshan

I felt a lot of heat, even before David came in the room. It was like standing in front of a fire and my face was burning and my heart was pulsating and when I knelt in front of Dave it was like I could hear the blood rushing through my head and all the time I could feel the heat, as if it had come from the outside of me into my body.

Anonymous, London Darshan Event

There is definitely something that happens in this Darshan with Dave. There is this energy or feeling of bliss that is triggered. I had Darshan today and again there was this feeling of bliss and it is beautiful for a period of time and then I become aware of everything that is in the way of bliss. I was very aware of different feeling. This feeling is here and that one is there and the question arising, where do I want to place my attention? On bliss, or everything that is not bliss. I felt that I was really being shown that it is my choice. Profound and interesting at the same time.

Tim, London, Weekly Distant Darshan

When I knelt down before Dave and looked into his eyes, I had an immediate rush of something, like a vibration but it wasn’t a vibration, it was something that sort of came over me. It was very powerful and when I sat down, the feeling was still with me and I think the energy trickled right through me and felt very powerful and has left me now with a feeling of deep calm.

Anonymous, London Darshan Event

Kneeling down (in front of Dave)I felt a very warm feeling and saw white light around the edges of my peripheral vision. When I sat down to absorb it all and closed my eyes. There was a sphere of energy or light and then quite vivid, four people standing in front of me, smiling, quite warm and then they disappeared.

Anonymous , London Darshan Event

I felt the energy around my head as I knelt there, felt very calm and when I sat down it was very different from meditation and then my heart just opened spontaneously, which was quite lovely and then I wanted to cry out of happiness. Yes, a lovely experience.

Anonymous, London Darshan Event

Last night, there was a part of me that was absolutely terrified of sitting in front of David today. It was like being cornered. Although I was excited waiting my turn, my heart was creaking, my shoulders were creaking, my hands were getting clammier and colder and I kept saying to myself, “It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine.” And when I looked into Dave’s eyes, the words that were given were very clear – I Love You.

Anonymous , Darshan Event

When I sat with Dave, nothing! But as I walked away, I felt like I had been hit on the head with an axe. Absolutely crushing, but I thought, just sit with it, open mind, open heart and sit with it and then for a few seconds I felt like I was floating and a part of a vast unmeasurable sea and I was part of its rhythms and movements and then it was gone.

Anonymous, Darshan Event

Even before I went to kneel in front of Dave, I dropped into a vast energy field. When I was with Dave I felt like I was being cleaned of all the stuff I have been carrying that has not been easy, over the last days. When I returned to my seat I had moments of absolute, stillness; absolute bliss.

Anonymous , London Darshan Event

As soon as I had sat down in front of Dave I could feel the strong heart connection, a powerful transmission from his heart to mine. Dave’s face started to change while he gazed into my eyes, like an older incarnation being revealed.

Anonymous, Darshan Event

When I closed my eyes I kept seeing David’s Light Body turning into green and revealing the form and shape of Jesus, while the Light burnt its way down into my heart…  Being touched at this level is something that cannot be described as our language does not have a word for it. Bliss, joy, love, ‘everything and nothing’ are only insufficient adjectives that can merely point into the direction to what it is – a direct experience of the Divine.

Anonymous , London Darshan Event

In another Darshan with Dave, it felt completely different. A feeling of ‘beyond’; beyond separation, beyond the separation of duality and which I am not able to put into words. Vast, black light, feeling, being.  A sort of grace, bliss, peaceful stillness where you just float off into the ocean of Being(ness) and further, into a state of Samadhi, where you would just want to stay forever.
With Gratitude and Love,

Yvonne, Munich, Weekly Distant Darshan

I got a lot from the Darshan experience with David. It was very interesting for me to experience my reality even at its most horrific in a space of non-judgement, non-reaction and I’m sure there is some big clue here as to how I will overcome my inner issues.

Anonymous , A One-to-One Darshan

To begin with I could feel the light preparing me one hour before and I was soon high on light. When feeling the heart connection I had to lie down. During the session I could feel something being done to my heart. It was beating like crazy to begin with and a light pressure was being built up both from within and without. After that I could feel the Kundalini energy rise, a very smooth tapping in the spine as if the energy is hammering its way through and the first wave through my heart was a bit painful, as if the amount of Light being poured into my system was just enough for my energy system to handle.

In an instant I became aware how very present I was. It was as if I was completely awake and aware of my physical body even though I know I was totally gone. This was the first wave of light running through my system and my heart and then your face and eyes appeared before me and I focused on looking into your eyes and my awareness of what was going on within me was taken to a new level. This time with no awareness of my body but of my chattering mind. All thoughts were crystal clear and it was weird to witness how I was reacting to every thought at the same time as I was in this place of stillness. Not to mention all thoughts rushing through, random, illogical, analytical, nice, not so nice etc.

Then your face appeared a second time, and I focused on looking into your eyes. I experienced as a third wave of Light running through my system and directed to my heart. My body consciousness and mind was gone and I was in total silence, stillness, so present and aware of the stillness and silence and not the disturbing noise of body, mind and daily life.
Your eyes appeared on the face of an old white-bearded man, my teacher sitting in front of me looking into my eyes and in the next instant your eyes were on the face of a person in white, with white hair and skin, not an albino but very much looking like one. The eyes were black deep pools containing the whole of the universe. And I felt like drowning into the eyes, a huge wave of Love (for lack of a better description) rushed through my heart and there was nothing but nothingness… bliss… stillness beyond stillness and silence beyond silence.

When I came back, almost one hour had passed that felt like an eternity and I went to bed at once, slept all night and woke the following morning feeling a change in my whole system. I have gained a new awareness of body and mind from my cells to chattering thoughts.

Anonymous, Darshan via Skype

Thank you for allowing me to experience the Darshan. The experience felt very strong as soon as I started to move away from you (after kneeling to receive). As I sat down my meditation was very powerful but erratic a little like Ayawashka initially. It then seemed to stabilise, I didn’t seem able to get a very clear message through the process at that point. I slept very peacefully and felt very peaceful the following day.

Kirk, Manchester, A One-to-One Darshan

I could feel the connection and the power through the heart immediately. I had an image of your Light Body, the mind quieted down and I went into this vast dark space of the universe where you can just float forever. At the same time I was however still aware of my body, albeit been taken aside.

It was all calm and serene. A shift/sense into Oneness occurred, expanding into a greater awareness and being the breathing cosmos while being aware of Mother Earth too. All breathing and expanding. Above and below, within and without. Still, serene and yet fully alive, breathing. ‘It’ started to breathe through me, as if I had to drink in the Light through my heart, down into my womb in an alchemical process and deeper down into my earth, feeling how she responded. All with a sense of deep surrender.

I had to lie down and felt suddenly being nailed down by a pole of light entering my third eye with some kind of sacred geometry form in it, quite painful and cold, and light flowed down, through my heart, my womb, my whole system. Again Mother Earth responded and I was taken on a journey, touching all kind of parts of consciousness, at the same time I was detached from all of it, in a vast space. Stillness. Surrender. I was gone then for several hours.

In the morning, the painful pole in my third eye was gone and on a subtle level I could still feel shifts continuing and I feel much lighter now.

Yvonne, Munich, Darshan via Skype