Darshan taken with David is entirely at your own responsibility.

It is suggested that only adults over 18 year of age receive Darshan.

David gives nothing, but acts as a vessel through which the Divine may pass something forward to you, if appropriate.

David has nothing to do with what may come forward. He does not feel or see or understand what is given for you on any level. He is completely unconnected with the process.

David does not make any promise for what is given. Dashan is not a substitute for proper medical attention with your doctor and you should consult with your doctor or medical professional at all times where illness or disease are concerned.

David’s work is not connected to any religion.

David cannot be held responsible for any effect of the Darshan process.

Please give due Reverence and Respect for the source of the Darshan Blessing. Be in the moment and open to the full experience. Please do not record or take photographs of the process and respect your fellow seekers.