Fill Your Heart with Light Program

A monthly program to access The Emerald Heart Light

Register before 10th July 2023 to participate in July’s program

What is involved?

Benefits of the Program

The Fill Your Heart with Light Program is available each month.

It allows you to access the Light of Source in a gentle way that drip feeds into your heart each day. This helps your spiritual progress by stimulating your heart into opening into your own Divine Truth. In turn this helps clear you of negative energies and promotes a high vibration to guide your feelings and help you make the right choices for your individual life-path.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee each day, you can receive this healing and transformational light!

  • A Gentle drip feed of Light into your heart
  • Cleanses your aura and chakras

  • Helps keep your Vibration at its best

  • Stimulates your deeper heart consciousness

  • Helps illuminate your inner guidance

There are 3 levels of Light, helping you choose what feels right in the moment.

  • Starts on the 10th of the month
  • You receive a Spiritual Teaching via email
  • A Light Essence Vibration transmitted via our Essence App or direct to Your Heart
  • 3 options to choose from
  • No subscription or membership

There is no subscription or membership, so you have the freedom to choose each month if you wish to take part.

Three options

To receive the Light

Option 1:
A teaching plus an Essence Vibration through the App

You will receive a monthly teaching plus the Essence Vibration that lasts for 28 days before fading out.

  • Investment: £28.00, (£1 per day)

Option 2: Add a Light Transmission

You have an opportunity to receive a Light Transmission at the start of the Program to help open and expand your aura. This prepares your system in a way that allows the Essence Vibration to flow much more deeply into your heart consciousness, thus enabling your evolutionary process to develop more efficiently. The Light Transmission will be active for several days, depending upon what you need.

  • Essence Vibration
  • Plus the Light Transmission
  • £56.00. (£2.00 per day)

Less than the price of a cup of coffee a day.

Option 3: Do Nothing and Receive both transmissions automatically each day

With this option, you don’t have to do anything at all. The Essence Vibration and the Light Transmission will be sent to you each day, plus the Light Transmission will be with you for each of the 28 days of the program.

The Essence Vibration

Plus the Light Transmission for 28 days

Do nothing and you will receive the Transmission each day


Which, amazingly, is still less than the price of a cup of coffee a day!

Darshan esssence

July’s Essence Transmission

Darshan – Divine Blessing

Group: Spiritual Evolution
Keynote: A Blessing from Heaven
Location: Given from The Source.
Time: March 2016

Essence Reading:
In more than 30 years that I have been working as a healer or spiritual teacher, I have been able to feel all aspects of energy and light.

When the Darshan Light was birthed though me, all that changed. It was impossible to understand this Light. There was no feeling with it, yet you can feel the results. I had to rely totally on the feedback from those who had received a Darshan Blessing from me to gain any understanding of it.

The Light of Source
When your vibration rises and you are taken into the next level of your own evolutionary journey, all things change, naturally. Soon, you are working at a higher level and doing things differently. When I was brought into the Light of Darshan, however, it was somehow a giant leap into something that it was Impossible to quantify. I just had to trust it, which of course is how you get anywhere at all on the spiritual path.

It is like the Light isn’t there at all, yet it manifests wherever I want it to manifest. It sometimes even manifests whilst I am only thinking about how to help someone approach an issue. It is like the Universal Consciousness just says to me, ‘Tell us where you want the Light to manifest, David,’ and it is done.

Of course, I still have to enter into the appropriate process of Reverence and Respect.

Using the Darshan Essence
When you take this essence, it is like receiving a Blessing from Heaven. The Light comes directly from The Source. It knows exactly where you need help and it brings light into that area of your consciousness.

If you take a few drops of Darshan Essence each day, the essence has a gentle but cumulative effect, continuing to bless and open your heart. It helps you to find the deeper truth of who you are and why you are here. It helps with purification of the consciousness and assists in the healing of many past-life events, whilst opening opportunities for you to grow and prosper in this life time.

My Essences
I was working with essences before I created my own. They have such an amazing ability to bring light and energy into our lives. Since 1999, I have created more than 130 high vibrational essences, which are really bottles of liquid light. Each one has played a part in bringing me to this exalted place of open heartedness and compassion. The journey has offered me a deep understanding for the work that lies ahead for mankind in order for it develop its potential as a species.

I am sure that this Darshan Essence will help you in many ways.

With Love and Blessings,

David Ashworth.

Register now for July

£28 – £70


“I was just about to get in touch to let you know how things are progressing and unfolding since receiving Darshan with you. I do know it is continuing to bring in much creativity, clearer guidance and motivation. Showing many things as they clear – some long forgotten while honing and refining our true selves.”

Paula, UK
“Thank you Dave for your guidance, help and healing for more than 10 years and thank you for your dedication to the path, which has brought forth the gift of Darshan, which I have been privileged to receive.”
Kirk Mottershead, Manchester, UK

“Thank you for the Darshan for my son that I signed up for a few weeks ago!  I asked that he might ‘grow in wisdom and stature’ (he is 11yrs old). It has made a significant difference!

Everybody has commented on how much calmer and more measured he is. As his mum, I am so pleased and so thankful for what he has received.”

Anonymous, UK

“I just did the Distant Darshan about an hour ago and it was the most powerful spiritual experience of my life.

I was delighted by what transpired in last night’s Darshan transmission. I’m no stranger to energy transmissions. It was over 35 years ago when I got initiated into Reiki from the original lineage. Since then I’ve had Darshan, Shaktipat initiations from a number of sources. Some very potent, and I still
sit with a teacher.”

Mark, New York, USA


Yes, the 3 options are offered with 3 different levels of investment. The greater the investment you choose, the more is delivered to you. This means that you can budget each month and even try the different Options to find which feels best for you.

The Emerald Heart Light is the Light of Source. It is the Light that has awakened many great spiritual people throughout history.

There is no separation. At a higher conscious level, all things are connected. For example, David can manifest Light into anyone’s heart, anywhere in the world instantly. When you are connected to the Light, you are also connected to David’s heart and to The Source at the same time. The Light knows who you are and where to find you.

Firstly, the way you access Universal Consciousness or Light is though trust. There is no separation, you are already connected to all that is, but it takes a little effort and practice to align with the bigger picture and feel the truth of it. This becomes clearer as the Light helps your vibration to rise.

David and his trained colleagues have been working with this Light since 2005. The Light has been the most amazing teacher, as it guides them in how to use the Light. They have worked with the Light in thousands of many and varied scenarios of healing and spiritual evolution, not just for the Emerald Heart Light Programs that are listed on the Register of Connections. The Light guides and teaches the Practitioners and Healers all of the time and so they know from experience exactly how it works. It works through certain Universal Laws.

If you are new to Light Work, it may take you a little time to become sensitive enough to really feel what the Light is doing for you, so take your time and just trust it. The Light won’t let you down.

For those who have worked with the Light previously and have come to know it, they often feel the Light pouring into their heart immediately, even before they have completed their Registration. Many years ago, I was connecting the Light into a person’s heart whilst we were speaking on the phone, when suddenly, I heard a crash. When he came back on the phone, I asked him what happened. He said, ‘The moment the Light entered my heart I fell of the chair.’ It was a very funny incident, and he needed to experience that to help his trust as it was his first Light Program. He was in Sweden and I was in the United Kingdom. The connection is instant.

When you know the Light and the Light knows you, it responds very quickly when you are reaching out for it. In fact, it calls to those who have worked with it often to let them know when they are ready for another Light Program. The Light is intelligence itself. It knows all that is needed to be known. Just Trust it!

The investment is based on the Spiritual Laws of Reflection and Balance in Exchange. Under Universal Law there must be an exchange to enable a movement of energy. There is an initiation and a response. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The Light basically tells us what the value is. In reality, you usually get much more than your investment, but it takes time to understand how this works and it is always based on the individual’s needs.