Entering Relaxation, a 4-week Focused Formula. Distant Transmission

a 4-week Focused Formula.
Distant Transmission


Drink in to your heart the Light of Relaxation

  • Letting go at the mental level
  • Letting go of Tension and Stress throughout the aura
  • Connecting deeper with the Self
  • Living more in-tune with your Healthy Boundaries
  • Greater ability to stay in the now
  • More resilience to adapt to change and challenge

How does it work?
This 4-week Formula of Emerald Heart Light flows through all levels of your heart and energy system. The Light flows directly to where it is needed based on your own Higher-self directing the Light that we provide for you.

The Emerald Heart Light flows to you directly from The Source via the Universal Laws that were given to us with the Light.

You don’t need to do anything
The Emerald Heart Light is an aspect of The Source and is pure consciousness. Once you have registered, the Emerald Heart Light will flow into your heart from the 17th July to the 14th August for 28 days.

Special offer: Free Emerald Heart Light essence vibration
We would like to offer you, at no charge, a ‘transmission’ of The Emerald Heart Light Essence. To receive this essence vibration through our Essence App, you will receive instructions once you have registered. Check your order confirmation email, which has a link to a pdf with details.

You will receive instructions on how to receive this essence once you have registered.

Emerald Heart Light

About The Emerald Heart Light

In January 2005 David Ashworth received The Emerald Heart Light to bring into the world for the Spiritual Development of humanity. Since that time, the Emerald Heart Light has offered us Trainings of Practitioners and Teachers, Essences, Light Programs, Workshops, Retreats, Being in the Light Sessions, Gatherings, Books, Teachings, Spiritual Wisdom, Universal Laws.

The Light has also initiated new gifts for humanity through some of the Emerald Heart Teachers, such as:

  • The Divine Plan Healing Method
  • The Divine Plan Healing Academy
  • The Mary Magdalene Light

More recently, the Light has opened David to bring forth:

  • Darshan Divine Blessings
  • The Circle of Light Earth Healing Community