New Beginnings

New Beginnings, a 4-week Focused Formula. Distant Transmission


As we launch ourselves into another New Year, another year of our lives, let’s really try and make the best of things. I am looking forward to supporting you with the light in whatever ways I can, including my regular features such as Darshan, as we move through this year. I would like to begin with offering you this Focused Formula of New Beginnings.

Let us bring the Light into our hearts and lives and tune-up our vibration to get a really good start to this new year.

Each and every single day is an opportunity to start afresh, a blank canvas, but of course, we are all settled into our everyday patterns and so it can be difficult to change our ways. Therefore, this new Focused Formula of New Beginnings is offered here to help you break old patterns and set your ship on a new course for a New Age.

Change is always a good thing, it opens your heart to new potentials, so you should not fear any changes necessary, but embrace the opportunities that may formulate in your heart.

Benefits of the 4 Week Focused Formula:

  • Support for this Rebirth Process in our changing world
  • Letting go of old non-supportive patterns
  • Opening your eyes to new possibilities and new ways of living
  • Gaining a greater sense of your inner being
  • Brings courage to take any necessary steps

How does it work?

This 4 Week Formula of Light flows through all levels of the aura and chakras to help see new ways of adapting to our changing world. The Light flows directly to where it is needed based on your own Higher Self directing the Light that we provide for you.

The Emerald Heart Light flows to you directly from the Source via the Universal Laws that were given with the Light.

You don’t need to do anything

The Emerald Heart Light is an aspect of the Source and is pure consciousness. Its Universal Intelligence will feel your intention to receive our 4-week Focused Formula, which you set by your exchange.

Once you have registered, the Emerald Heart Light will flow into your heart for 28 days.

Emerald Heart Light

About The Emerald Heart Light

In January 2005 David Ashworth (England) received The Emerald Heart Light to bring into the world for the Spiritual Development of humanity. Since that time, the Emerald Heart Light has offered us Trainings of Practitioners and Teachers, Essences, Light Programs, Workshops, Retreats, Being in the Light Sessions, Gatherings, Books, Teachings, spiritual knowledge, Universal Laws.

The Light has also initiated new gifts for humanity through some of the Emerald Heart Teachers, such as:

  • The Divine Plan Healing System
  • The Divine Plan Healing School
  • The Mary Magdalene Light

More recently, the Light has opened David to bring forth:

  • Darshan Divine Blessings
  • The Circle of Light Earth Healing Community