The 22 Rays of The Mary Magdalene Light

Easy to follow Light Program by email, from 1-22 December 2023

From the 1st to the 22nd of December, each morning you receive an email that delivers ‘The Ray of The Day’, one of the 22 Divine Feminine Qualities of The Mary Magdalene Light. As soon as you open the email, your heart will receive a boost of uplifting and healing Light.

The 22 RAYS works a bit like an advent calendar. Over three weeks, we build up to the peak: the 24-hour Mary Magdalene Light Transmission on the 22nd of December (value: £22).

You will also receive a transmission of the ‘Mary’s Light’ essence vibration (value £26.45). There is also an optional community call on the 22nd of December to meet other people participating in The 22 RAYS.