• A POWERFUL NEW TOOL FOR SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT! David Ashworth has released a new Guided Meditation CD accompanied by the music of classical musician James Rippingale. The focus of this meditation, called The Shaman's Journey helps the listener to ground deeply into the earth. Grounding is the most essential element for the spiritual seeker to develop. As the music unfolds David’s voice takes you on a wonderful journey into the Earth. Each time you listen and journey with The Shaman, your grounding will deepen. The journey is guided from the Nature Spirit consciousness through the speaker - The Shaman - which is David's voice accompanied by the wonderful, sylph-like veils of James' music.  
  • Emerald Heart Pendant

    After searching for many years for something that would truly represent the Light that I have brought into this world, I finally found these stunning Emeralds. When The Emerald Heart Light was given to me in January 2005, the image I was given, as the Light burst into my heart, was of a beautiful faceted Emerald Heart. Three sizes of these stunningly beautiful Emerald Heart Pendants to choose from    7mm pendant, including chain £45.00 inc postage    10mm pendant including chain £57.00 inc postage    12mm pendant including chain £96.00 inc postage Please see below for details.
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