Today is a beautiful autumn morning in my part of the United Kingdom, just over the border from ancent Wales. I love the border lands, there is always mystery here.

In fact I lived in deepest Wales for 8 years in my late teens and early twenties and I still have friends in that part. One friend in particular shared my passion for the ancient sacred places and we visited and explored many interesting sites, not printed in most of the guide books. One of those sites in particular gave us a most spectacular display of the nature spirits in action one day.

As we walked through an ancient forest track towards the Cromlech of Gwal-y-Filiast, my friend was a couple of steps in front of me. Suddenly an energetic wall was thrown across our path. It hit him so hard that he cried out, “What’s happening to me?”

I had seen the energy coming just about the time it hit him. “Don’t move!” I repled with some urgency. “Stand perfectly still and do not move!” I repeated.

I hadn’t walked into the wall as I had seen it, even though it was invisible to normal eyes, of course, but nevertheless, I was very aware that something very powerful was taking place. I told my friend to take a couple of steps backwards towards me and keep his eyes looking down towards the earth. “Do not look up!” His aura was almost inside out. He felt terribly ill and sick. He was mumbling and trembling and I told him not to worry and explained that we were being stopped from proceeding and that we should just stand here until the spirit of the forest, or whatever it was, gave us further instruction. Later, I understood that it was the God, Pan, and of course, his energy does cause panic and my friend was certainly experiencing that.

Suddenly, it began to rain, the noise in the leafy canopy was huge. I even thought it was a hail storm. As we looked up, it wasn’t raining water or hail. It was raining all manner of twigs, leaves and what seemed like thousands of tiny bits and pieces from the tree canopy. It was incredible and bizarre. There was no wind and nothing that would trigger such a deluge. It was a tremendous noise and it wasn’t happening anywhere else other than where we stood. My friend was again in a panic, but I was standing firm and trying to read the signs. It was of course very clear. This was a major nature spirit intervention into our pilgrimage.

We stood for quite some time without moving. Perhaps about fifteen minutes. During that time a family group with a dog passed us by and we bid each other good morning. The children were bouncing and making a lot of noise and the dog was leaping about and barking. From our point on the pathway, I could just see the capstone of the cromlech some 50 metres away. Even then, I was unsure if I should even look at it.

As we continued to stand, I was given the words. ‘Inner Silence’. “Go into the inner silence.” I went so deep I could actually hear the grass growing. I could feel the forest breathing and every atom of life in that place. I told my friend to go deeply into the inner silence, too. During this time, I has also been rearranging his aura somewhat and then shortly after this he was feeling better and we were given permission to continue and the wall was removed.

Very carefully, with great reverence and respect, we took each step gingerly as there was still a powerful presence all around us. As we approached in silence the family and friends were still at the cromlech. Children still running and making a lot of noise and the dog still barking. We were somewhat disappointed, feeling that the serenity of the sacred place had been shattered and to a certain degree, our own pilgrimage had been disturbed at a deep level.

But then I saw what was coming next. As we stood to one side, not actually entering the sacred space, I said to my friend, “Watch what happens now and remember those words, Inner Silence.” Within a couple of moments the dog and children went totally silent and the family moved off without a sound, not even a word. We never heard them again.

The space was clearly being made ready for us. We wered stopped so that this family who were perhaps 15 minutes behind us on the trail, could pass.

We enjoyed our time there and as we were leaving, suddenly my heart said, “You haven’t given thanks.” I thought to myself that we had not been seeking anything tpday, but just visiting but I knew I had no choice. I had to go back and give thanks. My friend asked what I was giving thanks for? I answered that I didn’t know, but that I had to go back, walk three times around the cromlech and give thanks, which I did as he watched.

It felt complete, but that is all I could say about it.

At 5.00am the following morning, I was woken and given the text for the book VISION.

Remember when you are in nature that it functions on many levels. If you are listening and feeling in the moment as you walk with Pan, the spirit of the woods or forest, the nature spirits and whatever else might live there, be wise and take your time. For sometimes magic is waiting for you. Great gifts might be just around the corner. If you do not have the appropriate level of reverence and respect, you will walk right through the magic, unperceived.

That day, I also received the essence of Inner Silence, which has been one of the most amazing of the many essences that I have been gifted to bring into this world for the evolution of humanity.

Some time after that, I had to return to the cromlech by myself. It was spring equinox and I had to spend the night in the forest alone in a death and rebirth ceremony, such as in the native American way. However, I drew the line at digging a grave and lying in it.

The cromlech lay nearly 200 miles from where I lived and that week there had been severe weather warnings. The sun shone on a bitter day as I drove south towards the Preseli Mountains in West Wales. I parked the car and began my journey towards the ancient woods and the valley below. The temperature was zero and as I stepped onto the mile long track for the decent, the snow began to fall. A perfect greeting. But that’s another story.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.