The Universe is calling me to let go of the Distant Darshan and to move my focus towards my Circle of Light. I will from time to time let you know about Circle of Light and how you can join.

Thank you most sincerely for your presence. For journeying with me and I hope that my words and teachings have been able to help you from time to time as you unfold your life within the love of the Universe.

Stepping out of One Circle and into Another

The End – The Beginning
It doesn’t matter where you look in the Universe, everything is going round in circles. Planets going around suns. Galaxies in spirals. Comets arriving and leaving on the same cyclical path. Weather patterns spinning this way and that. Cyclonesandanti-cyclones gyrating one way or the other.

Atoms… the building blocks of everything, consisting of electrons spinning around a nucleus. It is just the same image as planets spinningaroundasun.

The cycle of life. Life cycles, we are all just spokes in the big wheel of life, as an Irishman once said to me when I was cycling around Ireland some 40 years ago. A comment that stuck with me all this time.

The thing with cycles is that they can have a beginning and an end but they can also be endless and withoutabiginning at the same time. Now, that’s confusing.

So, if we think about a life-cycle, it begins when we are born and ends when we pass over. But it doesn’t really because life is eternal. Yet from this position of eternal life, occasionally we re-enter a physical life on this planet and then we can say that we have been re-born into the next expression and opportunity of a life to be lived on earth. When death comes, that isn’t an ending though, that is again a re-birth into the next place that our spirit,souland essence will is ready to experience.

So, when there is an ending there is always a new beginning.

My Ending
It is time for me to pass through another ending of my own. It is time to let go of sharing my enlightening posts to this group of long suffering readers. The signs have been with me for some weeks but it was difficult in thinking about how to close off this part of my life. I contemplated it for probably too long, but recent events of this week have shown me that the Universe is waiting for me to put energy and effort into my Circle of Light project and I can’t support both of these pathways any longer.

The End of Distant Darshan
I will cease to offer Distant Darshan from this coming Sunday.

But for this final time, Darshan will be available to you without any exchange for the Light, so you can register in the normal way but there will be no need to make an investment in yourself to receive it.

Regular Seekers
I will continue to send Darshan to those of you who have invested in a multi-week offer.

Final Special Offer for You
In addition to the Free Darshan this Sunday, I am guided to make a Special Offer for you. A final offering for your evolution.

I offer you two essences and you can choose to have one or both. The readings are below if you wish to have a look.

The Investment is £15.00 each including postage. A saving of £8.50 per essence.

The First is The End – The Beginning

The second is Extreme Forgiveness

Order The End – The Beginning

Group:           Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:      Aiding Transition

The End – The Beginning.  There are times when certain things happen within you. A time when an ending must come, regardless of whether you are part of that initiation process, or merely the unwitting participant, as the Universal Consciousness takes action to change something within you. This is key to understanding this reading, it is not that something is just changing, it is that The Universe is Changing it within you.

More often than not, we are pushed, mercilessly, through transformation. The transformation may be difficult from the point of view that energies may be released within you that your system is unable to control or process. At times like these, the system can burst under the great pressures of ancient energies as they rise from deep places beyond your awareness, being released from all of your previous lives forever. In this process, they cannot then repeat in future lives, but you feel the effect of them as they pass from your being in this present life. It is obvious that your enlightened inner being or Higher Self desires you to experience as much peace in this present life as possible.

In a moment of transformation, it is an ending of past suffering. You pass through a process where old patterns and habits are released and begin to die away;begin to end. The ending is more often a process, rather than an instantaneous event. Something breaks, something leaves your consciousness and the process is launched. The vibration shifts sharply, but almost imperceptibly sometimes, and then the process is underway and your vibration continues to rise, gently, over a period of time, usually several months, until it settles at a new level.

When something within you ends, then everything in your life must then change. There is a knowing that you can’t go back. There is a knowing that the Universe will punish you if you weaken. You must find the courage to act upon the issues of being human that hold you in their grip, for nobody can serve two masters and if you are chosen to serve God and the Universe, then you cannot serve the world by its rules. There is one set of permanent rules and those are the Universal Laws. As you begin your transformation, you must pass through the learning phase of those Universal Laws and you must then begin to live by them.

Life or lives, it makes no difference which way you look at it right now,aseventually you will understand that the process is one of continuous change and transformation, life without end, except that we pass through a series of endings, which then launch our next new beginnings.

This essence aids transition from endings to beginnings, whether these are small endings such as a shift in consciousness, which enables you to leave behind an old issue or habit, or indeed, major endings such as leaving a job, partner orevena life ending. The essence can be used in ceremony to assist the spirit to make its transition. It can also be used to help those who are still here, to pass through their own transition of adjustment.

As you end a moon cycle and set your target to begin a new cycle, or you pass through the ending of the cycle of a year on the winter solstice, when all is quiet and cold. These are good times to use this Essence of Liquid Light in an ending ceremony and preparation for the new beginning.

The essence will also weave a protective cloak around you, screening out all unwanted cosmic interference and bathe the inner being with a light of gentle pink and gold, which helps to calm your emotional struggles and general energetic imbalances, created through the influx of tumultuous energies.

Illuminating the Truth
This essence also helps you to see the truth clearly through the way in which it illuminates your heart, which then also allows you to perceive into the hearts of others. In this way, this is a perfect essence to help with relationship failures, as it allows you to separate and end in a very final way, through the deeper understandingandknowing of the truth of the situation.

Relationship endings can be difficult after having fallen into the habit of being with a person and living a certain life, but with the ability to see clearly, comes the courage and inner strength to maintain a solid course, which in turn allows you to separate strongly and with love for all concerned, and compassion for any lack of understanding.

The End, is indeed, just The Beginning. This Essence of Liquid Light will help open all the necessary inner doorways that will help you to learn how to tread the path into a new dawn, whilst quickly becoming free of the old outworn energies and images of who you used to be. Let go of the old andbecomethe new.

Sometimes we find that we come to a sudden end. A brick wall whereby we cannot pass further, or so it seems. Endings are merely Letting Go processes and sometimes, even though we might have a huge struggle with letting something go, once we let it go, then there is no longer any attachment to it and once there is no attachment, then you often find that you can keep it in your life, but the nature of the relationship changes, in that the bonds of attachment no longer holdyouprisoner.

Therefore, go sweetly with this essence, knowing that it is helping you to let go, to end something and bring you to a point of a new beginning.

Discounted to £15.00 inc. postage.

Order Extreme Forgiveness

Extreme Forgiveness acts something like ‘A Sweeper.’ It sweeps your inner and outer conscious universe, seeking to find the energies of the unresolved issues that you have not forgiven yourself for, either in this lifetime or previous lives.

We commonly hear ourselves say, “I can’t forgive myself. I can’t forgive myself.” The essence of Extreme Forgiveness is primarily about forgiving the Self.

Forgive means to give. When forgiving another person, forgiveness lays a blessing upon them. I forgive you means, I bless you and your transgression does not hurt me any longer for I allow it to leave me.

To forgive the Self is to allow yourself to receive a blessing.
The act of forgiving gives up the attachment to resentment or pain. When we say, “I forgive you,” it means that I let go of my resentment of the pain that has been caused to me by your actions. It is far easier to forgive another than to forgiveone’sSelf, but it is in the self-forgiveness that the release from pain and suffering can take place and healing truly begin.

The deepest part of the Self is where the original pain is held. The pain surrounds the issues for which we have not experienced forgiveness. If we injure another person, we must first forgive ourselves, as that isanacknowledgement that we have gone against the truth in our heart. At a higher or soul level the forgiveness takes place automatically. The soul holds no grudge, energy or emotion. At a human level, the none-forgiveness allows the energy and pain to remain in place as a kind of karmic reminder that prods you in the physical body until you hear the issue behind the pain and pay it some attention.

We often cause injury and pain to others through our own misunderstandings and inabilities to cope with life. Life can be difficult and painful and in ourself seeking, buthuman need to find comfort and solace for our torn and damaged emotions, we can often inadvertently injure the feelings and emotions of others. When we injure others, we injure ourselves by reflection and through our inability to find answers in a more appropriate way. Give thanks to the pain for alerting you to the problem. Life-time after life-time after life-time, we have all perpetrated sins or actions against others; sometimes unconsciously and sometimes with deliberation. We can’t take it back, but we can try to learn to respond differently from how our conscience feels about our transgressions.

For pain to leave the body and the heart, forgiveness must take place within. Guilt andshamekeeps the pain in place. The guilt and shame are often used as self-created emotions, driven by unworthiness, to punish ourselves. To ensure that we remain un-forgiven. The guilt and shame maintain our position of feeling unworthy of experiencing the freedom from pain. Unworthy of feeling loved. Unworthy of being loved. Unworthy of loving your Self. The sub-conscious may also take the power in guilt and shame and use it against us to reinforce the unworthiness. Unworthiness is within us all at some level. It can be a very active force in preventing us from healing and evolving. In order to truly forgive ourselves, we must first feel worthy of that forgiveness and be ready to let go of pain and accept the gift of a blessing.

Extreme Forgiveness helps you to find your own truth; helps you to find the worthiness within you; helps you to accept forgiveness for your Self and so helps to set you free from the inner pain and turmoil where you have not allowed yourself to receive or accept forgiveness. As you learn to forgive yourself, so the reflection of this change within you will release others from their pain,  and forgiveness can then be reciprocated.

Discounted to £15.00 inc. postage.


Fare Thee Well !

Fare thee well my friends,
The oyster sings beneath the waves,
The birds fly higher as they learn to soar,
The grass grows long and lush,
And my heart yearns once more to move.

There is no peace except when you listen deeply within.
There is no joy until you follow your own truth.

But all things come to pass for those who can let go,
Without fear of endings,
Without fear of beginnings,
Without fear of not being heard by the Universe.

With my deepest Love and Blessings,