Changes afoot in the Universe

This week, a visit from a friend brings forth this teaching. The Lord works in Mysterious ways. LOL

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 A few days ago a friend came to see me. I had been waiting for him to be ready for some years for his heart was full of light but he had thrown a dark veil over it. For sure, the light shone out of him, but he was almost separate from it. He wasn’t living within it but it was living through him and flowing into the world in the best way it could, not because of him, but in spite of him. When the Light wants to come then we have to embrace it.

You can’t prevent the light from shining into this world if you have been chosen to carry it, but you can try and avoid seeing it, living it and becoming it, at least for a certain amount of time. Eventually though, it will push you to breaking point where you cannot deny it any longer. Once you embrace it then your life changes.

Last week I wrote about changes, and what if you awoke one morning and realised that you were married to the wrong person. It could have been written for my friend, for that is why he wanted to see me. He called me on the phone and at the time I was speaking on Skype with Ryan, but our conversation was almost complete. My friend asked did I remember that one time I had said to him that if he ever needed a consultation, I would give him one. I responded that I did. Of course I did as I had been waiting for this call for all those years.

He asked could he make that appointment with me. As I reached for my diary, my heart say, “Do it now!” and I was uplifted with light to help him. I finished my call with Ryan and we entered the space of a consultation. The Universe was not giving him time to think twice.

On one level I am serving my friend but on a greater level I am serving the light. I am helping my friend through a difficult time but in the fullness of that time I am actually helping the light to come into the world through someone who is reaching a point where they cannot deny any longer that they are a light bringer.

The Universe has pushed him up against the wall of change. There is no choice, you either go through the wall or you face the consequences of denial. The denial of who and what you are and what you have the possibility of becoming once you embrace the light.

At the end of our consultation, I offered him an essence, just something that would help him see the truth and find the courage to enter the phases of the change that was needed. I offered that he could come and collect it or I would post it. He made the right choice and came over.

That gave the Universe the opportunity to speak to him for another two hours through my heart, pouring light into him. Helping him to see his position and associated dilemma. He has no choice. He must make the changes necessary.

I was going to give him The Emerald Heart Light essence, just to help to bring him into the light of his own truth but the Universe also offered him another essence. A Sentinel Essence called Re-connection, so I pulled up the reading from the computer and gave him a copy. The Keynote of this essence was Love.

I thought I would share the reading for the essence with you today as it seemed appropriate with all that seems to be unfolding this week as the Universe is pushing us with one of its expansion phases. It pushes people up against the wall of denial. Making them uncomfortable with the truth within their hearts that cannot be ignored or made excuses for any longer.

Here is the reading for the Essence
of Re-Connection

Keynote:      Love

Regaining your lost connection to the deeper heart.

Connecting to all that which allows you to truly live.

The word Re-Connection suggests that we have lost a connection, so what does this essence bring to us? What is it speaking about that we have lost?

It speaks about our ultimate disconnection. The disconnection from the God-consciousness as a race or species

In what way have we become disconnected?

We have become disconnected from the truth in our own hearts. Our hearts have become soclosed that many of us even fail to feel anything any longer. Humans hurt humans all the time. Humans project issues on to each other all the time. They project untruths on to each other. They control each other and steal from each other. They manipulate, subjugate and criticise each other, and they even murder each other. All this in the name of greed, power and to some degree survival.

What has humanity lost?

It has lost its connection to decency, honesty, truthand love.

How has it lost this?

Through each person losing their individual connection to their own heart.

Through each person perpetuating the denial ofthe God within them.

Through each person perpetuating the denial of their own truth.

Awakening your heart and learning how to connect with it is a life-long process. You must develop total dedication and drive to feeling your own truth and then living in that truth. You must develop the ability to reach out and ask for help in understanding the feelings and emotions that rush through you, triggering your mind into over-activity. You have to havefocus to drive the determination.

How many people have that kind of focus and determination to chase the dream of constantly opening their heart, when in the process of opening it you feel the pain of being human?

Pain is one of the main reasons that humans have lost this deep, inner heart connection. They don’t want to feel the pain of being human any longer. The painthough, is all part of the journey of learning how to go beyond the limitations of the darkness that holds us prisoner from becoming a being of light. When we take the wrong path, we suffer pain. When we take the right path, we suffer joy. It is just a different feeling, but all part of the process of being connected to your own loving heart.

When we are in the wrong job, the wrong life of the wrong marriage, then the Universe will let us know by constantly challenging us with pain or discomfort.

This essence of Re-Connection is about awakening your consciousness more deeply and feeling the love and glory within your own heart. In that Re-Connection, you will begin to feel something of what humanity as a whole has lost – the Connection with the God-consciousness at your core, for that is where God dwells, in your own heart.

Re-Connection connects you more with your own heart and in that process Re-Connects you with the God within you, which is the same as the God of everywhere and everything. What is this God within you? It is your absolute truth. It is the truth of who you arein any moment. It is the truth of the words you need to speak and the actions you need to take in order to become the living God that is waiting for you to hear its voice within. This is your voice, your inner voice and it speaks through your feelings.

When in pain or discomfort of any sort, then listen to your feelings and take action to move away from pain and towards the truth in your heart.

What is another name for God?            Answer:  L O V E.   God is Love.

God is the Love that is within you and you can bring that Love into the world through the action of allowing your light to shine forth into the world and into the lives of others.

My Own Changes
I have also needed to make changes this week. For me, change is a constant thing. The moment I am not in the flow, then I know that I need to change something. It isn’t always a huge thing, sometimes it is a small thing,butstill something that holds your vibration prisoner.

This week I knew that I had to raise the vibration of my mind, just change the way I see a few things, rise above the lower more base energies that can holdusprisoner, such as not eating the best foods or learning to do something new or do something in a new way.

Just One Banana
Iwas given a little teaching some years ago. I had gone to spend three days in the light of the Dalai Lama’s teachings and I woke up one morning with a little teaching in my head about how to make huge changes. The words that were given were ‘Just One Banana.’ Change begins with a thought about change, then entering change with one small action, like eating one banana a day when you don’t eat bananas.

We may be faced with huge challenges, and I have been many times. I recall walking through the streets of Plymouth with a friend once and being overwhelmed that I had lost my home and had no income to speak of and the overwhelming thoughts that I would never be able to get back on the housing ladder. That was about 26 years ago. It was all part of the Universe stripping me of everything that I didn’t need, but as a weak and feeble human, I was in the emotional despair of that moment.

I never did own a home again, but I have a roof over my head and I am quite happy that I will probably never own another home, but I live in the grace of the Universe and my rent gets paid each month because my heart trust that it will be.

My friend stands at a major crossroads of his life and I know what he has to go through. I am uplifted that my own journey has brought me the experience, knowledgeand wisdom to help him through the difficult times, as I help many others through my consultations.

The changes he needs to make will be absolutely overwhelming for him to face, but the way we climb a mountain is one step at a time. As we take each step we must try to raise our spirits, see a higher vision, and thus, our vibration will rise and the Universe will help and guide us. If we surrender to our feelings, embrace them and keep standing up when we get knocked down then that is all that is needed. Trust the Universe to help us find the way through the difficulties.

When I was given that little insight about ‘Just one Banana,’ I thought it was the first words for a book about making change… but nothing else was given and I thenrealised that those three words were indeed a massive teaching on their own.

Today, eat a piece of fresh fruit, something you don’t normally eat and that will introduce a vibrational change into your system, and in turn that might help towards reconnecting with your heart at a deeper level.

With Love and Blessings,


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