There are billions of tiny lights surrounding the earth. If you could see them from space, they would be like the knots in a fishing net where beams of light come together linking each other in glorious divinity and helping to illuminate the whole of life.

But most people can’t see these tiny lights. Not because they are so small but because they are cloaked and hidden. Yet, those with deep vision and an awakened heart cannot fail to know them.

As you know from my writings, I can become troubled by the ways of the world, or rather the ways of humanity. It can be difficult sometimes to find a balance, as many of you will know who are sensitive, or perhaps even feel too sensitive for this world.

As the world is changing ever more quickly, the waves of discontent, fear, anger, hatred and a hundred other emotions fill the ether with disturbance. This disturbance then disturbs people who are perhaps more placid and balanced and usually untouched or in control by emotional upheaval around them. There is a great wave of change flooding the collective consciousness. This splits people down the centre of their normal, everyday equilibrium.

When you split an atom, what happens is that there is a momentary instability followed by an almighty flash, bang and a massive wave of disturbance. When you split people, you get the same instability. It can be uncontrollable for them as the energy is so strong, which causes them to act out of character or explode in an uncontrolled way, even if it is only ranting at the tv, which isn’t going to hear their cries and doesn’t care. Our emotional well-being depends greatly on stability in our lives. If everything around you is going into instability, you need to have a strong centre to maintain your own equilibrium and integrity. This is where essences can help you. I will tell you more about this soon, in another teaching.

Avoiding the Instability

On the spiritual path, we are focused on our inner growth and development, but we are also exposed to the energetic instability around us and we experience this with more intensity than those who are not so spiritually aware. We feel it more. It affects us more. But also, we can be more aware of what is happening around us if we take time to find that place of balance and strength within. It is very important that we do this in these present times. In fact, we need to think very carefully about finding time each day to cleanse ourselves of the worldly energies that are flooding the collective consciousness and becoming a thick smog around the earth. It is very easy to get caught up in it and then not be able to see or feel your own truth.

Cleansing the Aura

These past few weeks, I have spent a little more time with the trees, sitting with them and asking for their help, lying on the earth across their roots and praying. Allowing myself to go into a deep place of letting go so that they may have an opportunity to help cleanse me of anything that might be weighing me down. It has been comforting to lie upon the fallen leaves and reflect upon the oxygen they gave us during their short summer lives.
In particular, my deeper consciousness has been trying to cleanse itself of very ancient issues and fears from many, many lifetimes ago. It is a natural process for me from time to time. I can be totally overwhelmed with the emotional energy of the past in one moment and then totally uplifted in the next as the energy passes through and leaves me. The nature of spiritual cleansing comes in waves.

The cleansing can also bring up one’s limitations and fears that are very present in this life too and this energy can be extremely difficult to overcome in the moment. It happened to me this evening. Well, in fact, it began weeks ago, but intensified this morning and by evening it was even stronger. I was being overwhelmed by something as simple as editing a web page that I partially wrote some months ago. I had not been able to go back to it because it just seemed too big a job to get right and I find it very difficult to write about my own work in a way that might appeal to people, help and uplift them. Words are really my medium. I don’t do video very well, although I can do public teaching quite well but words are really where my heart is most deeply embedded. So, for a humble wordsmith to be troubled to the degree that I can’t even look at my own words, as you might imagine, is a very big issue!

All I had to do, was open the files, maybe print them off, read through them and maybe edit them and bring them to some point of logical completion.

During the afternoon I had a catch-up session with Ryan and told him that I had been struggling with this and asked him to help keep me on track so that we can actually complete at least one simple page, rather than it lying on my desk for weeks. We diarised some time where he could ensure that I was making progress.

Clearing the Darkness of Half a World

Now, changing direction a little, stay with me and then you will see why, as this teaching unfolds.
About three weeks ago I went to a deserted old house to begin an Earth Cleansing and Healing. In fact, I visited the site about a year and a half ago with the owner to review it before being given the go ahead to start the work. Once I arrived home after that first visit, the cleansing began all by itself and for two days I was completely knocked out. I didn’t say anything to the client as I knew that I would be called back at some point to do the work, otherwise, the process wouldn’t have begun as it did.

Some weeks ago, I had been called by the client and we agreed that I would find time to go and do the work. On 24th October, that time eventually came when I was woken on a Saturday morning and told to ‘Get down there and DO IT NOW!’ When this kind of guidance comes, I just get on with things very quickly. Within half an hour, I was on my way.

As I left my home, the heavens opened and the wind began to howl. I chuckled to myself inwardly as weather often plays a part in the process. The old house was built in 1579 and has a moat around it, partly dry, and there has been a property here since the 1200s, so there is a good 800 years of something or other in this ground. The farm track is several hundred meters long from the road to the house, and as soon as I set off up the track the energy that was bein released from the earth hit me.

It was horrendous. Certainly, the Earth Mother had begun releasing what was hidden there. Every step I took, I became more and more terrified. There was a sense that I was going to be set upon by a pack of dogs and the fear continued to build within me with every step towards the house. After about 200 metres, I crossed the moat and into the compound, holding my nerve as best I could. I sheltered from the lashing rain in an outhouse doorway whilst I gathered my composure and tried to sense where to begin through this emotional smog of devastation. I was then guided to a place behind the house where I could access and activate the first Earth Acupuncture point. I was assisted by a beautiful hawthorn tree full of bright red berries. I made my connections with Mother Earth and placed some drops of Light Essence on the Earth and activated the acupuncture point.

Instantly, the whole energy of the site lifted by about 60% and the rain reduced to a drizzle, the natural elements responding to the healing process. The fear began to leave me as the energy brightened and I continued my work in various places around the site until the job was completed. I returned home and put my clothes in the washing machine. It will take around three months to clear totally and once the darker energies have cleared, then I can bring light into the site to life the vibration.

I wrote a report and spoke with the owner just over a week later. I had explained about how horrendous and terrifying the energy had been and she told me that grown men had run screaming from that house never to return. I laughed, as I could understand why. I’ve dealt with a lot of darkness in my work, but never a house like this. Whatever was in that earth was a huge weight of very disturbed emotions.

There is No Choice

When the Universal Consciousness sends me on a mission, there is no choice. I have to find it within myself to go into that dark energy and deal with it. There is something of a warrior energy that balances against the terror, as there was that stormy morning. But the terror is real. Your whole being is flooded with it but it is only a response to what is emanating from the place you are trying to heal. All you really want to do is run, but you can’t. As a servant of the light, there is no choice. We are here to transmute darkness and at some level we must maintain that inner strength and integrity at the core of our being

The Power of Limitation

The point I am coming to is this. How can I face the overwhelming terror of a process like this recent Earth Cleansing, but then struggle to open a Word file? One involves walking into the darkness of unknown terrors and the other involves sitting at your desk and opening a file. Logically, it doesn’t make sense, but it demonstrates the power of an emotional limitation that can govern your life.

I actually experienced physical pain at the thought of starting the editing but once I had actually opened the file at around 9.00pm and begun the work, suddenly I was in the flow. An hour later, this teaching you are reading now suddenly began to materialise.

The Power of Issues and Fears

Once we can crack an issue or fear and dissolve the energy that holds us back, then suddenly, the Universe responds and pulls us back into the flow. The nature of spiritual work is to continually feel and face our limitations, learn about them, dissolve the energy and move forwards. The limitations are always based in fear of one sort or another and we dissolve these darker energies by first of all identifying them, then targeting them with light. The light then dissolves the darkness. I use the essences that were given to me for my spiritual development and also Light Programs to help me get through the limitations.

Billions of Tiny Lights

As I was working on myself about a week ago, I was called to draw a card from a Yogananda deck. I’ve had the cards for some years but never really looked at them, but they did call to me at the time I bought them. The saying on the card was as follows:

Forget the past.
The vanished lives of all men are dark with many shames…
Everything in future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now.

Those tiny lights are at the core of each human heart. Each one is the consciousness of the Christ Light yet to emerge within us. When my consciousness is fully open and I go beyond the limitations of this reality, I can feel and see the interconnectedness of every human being. Indeed, we are all connected.

The Teaching, ‘What you do unto others, you do unto yourself,’ explains our connections to each other, whether related or not by blood, we are all related as part of the same organism of Light in our hearts.

I see the knots in the fishing net that circles the earth and I perceive the darkness that cloaks each Light with the ‘many shames’ and misdemeanours of past lives. Nobody is innocent. We are all stained with the burden of guilt.

Circle of Light

Circle of Light

We can’t just dissolve all this darkness in an instant. It has taken thousands of years to accumulate and it is a process to let it come forth and dissolve once more into the place where it was created, in our world. As it becomes free from us, our Mother, the Earth takes it to her bosom, like any good mother. She helps us to heal from the pain of it. Part of our work as Earth Healers in Circle of Light is to help our Mother to cleanse herself of this great burden of darkness that she has taken upon herself in supporting humanity. Every act of humanity that is not of Light, is of darkness and all darkness will at some point return to us for a reckoning. Our Mother is in sickness from the work of soaking up the dark emotions, thoughts, words and deeds of humanity’s many shames. Her children pour their darkness into her without thought of helping her to cleanse it.

Jesus explains the process of ‘many shames’ like this.

I will give you what no eye has seen,
And what no ear has heard,
And what no hand has touched,
And what has not arisen in the heart of man.

In simple terms, what this means is that the Christ Light at the core of your heart will illuminate and bring forth all the darkness that is your karma, hidden in your depths. The heart is this endless vessel of eternity, which records every deed of every life and at some point, the things that are hidden will arise. (what has not arisen in the heart of man).

Here are some more of His Teachings that speak of our darkness.

There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

There is light at the centre of a man of light. If he does not shine, there is darkness.

And the sins of the Father will be visited on the children.
(The nature of karma continues life after life until it is cleansed from the ancestral line.)

… and one of my own sayings;
Dear student, your light casts a shadow behind me, such is my darkness.

It is original darkness that cloaks the billions of Heart Lights around the earth, and why very few can see the Divinity in man. Each tiny Light at the core of each heart shines forth as best it can but the weight of the ancestral shame takes quite some effort and time to dissolve. We can only be aware of it and do our best.

The sponge is already Full of Water. It Can’t absorb any more

Yet there is conundrum. Mother is already saturated with the emotions of humans who do not cleanse their lives and space. Such was the darkness of emotions in the earth at the house I recently worked upon. There is no more room for Mother Earth to absorb what we thoughtlessly cast aside. Humanity must learn to pay attention to Mother Earth and to offer her assistance. Just because we cannot see the emotional energy that falls from us daily does not mean that we can ignore it. If you vomited on the floor, would you leave it or clean it up? If we could see the emotional dross that falls by the moment from people into the earth, then we might understand.
Humanity, to a certain degree is caught in a mess of its own making. The Universe is forcing change and awakening upon us but the crucible of Motherhood is overflowing with what we have given her. Once the sponge is full, where does the water go? The answer is NOT into the sponge. The sponge can’t clean up after us any longer, and so the water of human emotion goes into the atmosphere of collective consciousness and affects everyone who breathes that air.

As the Universe speeds up, our darkness is rising from the heart and we are living in this collective soup of disgust. We breathe the soup of everyone else’s stench in every breath and you see it acting out in the growing disharmony upon our world. People cannot give people space to be themselves. Emotions are becoming stronger and more out of control, violence is becoming more violent. People have lost their sense of centredness and integrity as they also lose their identity. Who are they becoming?

Let there be Light

The world is experiencing a great rising of past energies, which disturb the status quo and throw any semblance of balance out of the window. As spiritual aspirants, it is our work to observe it, understand how people are affected by it, but maintain our sense of balance and energetic integrity.

Step back for a moment each day. Sit with a tree. Ask all nature to help you. Perform a small act of assistance for our Mother Earth. Perform a small prayer and cleansing for yourself and others. Be aware that we are a tiny part of something great that has not yet found its collective way. Humanity is yet a candle in a hurricane rather than a blazing star in the firmament. We must open ourselves to the Light of the World and hold ourselves fast against anything that would knock us out of balance. There has to be an anchor of light in times of great upheaval and change.

Work hard at becoming that Anchor of Light in the present raging of the world and in your own way, this will help all of humanity to shine more brightly.

I bring Light into this world. It is there for you to drink from.

Everything in future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now.
Paramahansa Yogananda.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings,