I think it’s too warm to think!

We’ve just passed through Summer Solstice in the north and below the equator, you are just about to feel the light returning to you and the warmth of the life-giver as he spins his way south.

The days are so long up here in the north that I never feel like coming in the house and going to bed, but we do need to rest and recuperate, giving our bodies what they need in order to make the best of the coming days.

Planetary changes are incredible to observe. Of course too many people feeding at the trough of Mother Earth is one issue that I never hear a single politician speak about, and certainly humans have made a bit of a mess of the world, as ever more issues come to the surface.

But there is also something else going on. We passed through the end of the Age of the Sixth Sun as charted in the Mayan Calendar, on December 12th 2012 and in just seven years there have been massive global changes. Even if humans fixed all the human-made issues in the next 12 months, it wouldn’t make a lot of difference to the way the planet is going, for it has entered a cycle of change.

It is often the little things that really strike a chord with us though. I was watching a documentary about the space programme some months ago and a young astronaut was speaking about one of the older astronauts who was one of the first in space and who later returned. He said that all the astronauts were really deeply touched by the beauty of the earth, the depth of colour and magical glowing blue against the dark curtain of space. But he commented that when the older astronaut had returned to space some time later, he said that it ‘Wasn’t as blue as it used to be. There was a greyness to it.’

There are not many of us have that opportunity to see earth from space, but in only a few years the atmosphere had changed enough to be noticed.

Don’t Panic
It is very easy to get caught up in an inner drama, anxiety or panic, but there is no point. Yes, indeed, we need to do what we can to correct the damage we have done by living the most thoughtful way we can as we move forward. Also, on the scale of population, it is the few who will change themselves and the many who will continue to be trapped in a different, indifferent program.

Don’t let it worry you.

There is a massive consciousness that is all pervading and it rushes through every cell of your being constantly. Even after physical death, it illuminates you and you carry on living, albeit without a physical body.

Through working on yourself, you open your consciousness, it expands and you become a great part of that greater consciousness. As that happens, slowly over many years, you become more connected with something that goes beyond any words or description. You enter a kind of knowingness that everything is absolutely alright and will continue to be. Even knowing this, you can still slip into that human moment of panic.

In this expanded state of consciousness, I often see Mother Earth like an unfortunate animal that has become infested with fleas – human fleas, and at some point she will back herself into a pond, like wild animals do to drown the fleas. All of them.

If something like that would ever happen, I have no idea but the consciousness of the Earth Mother has the power to get rid of an awful lot of us in a very short time should things reach a cataclysmic situation for her. All it would need was for the mantle to crack. The oceans would pour into the magma and turn to steam. Your guess is as good as mine as to what would happen next. Perhaps the steam would fill the atmosphere and push out all the oxygen. The End!

Humans have tried to do this once already. Well more than once really. When testing the first atomic bombs the scientists were not sure if the explosion would ignite the atmosphere, but they still went ahead and did it. Humans will always push beyond the limits. Is it madness or is it the nature of exploration?

So Please Don’t Panic
This is just a mad illustration of how things could end quickly if the Earth Mother decided she had had enough. Even those of us who are trying to help would not be spared, but it doesn’t matter because we all just continue after physical death in a slightly parallel reality. We may even get the opportunity to take another physical life on another world in another dimension. Who knows?

We lose soul memory so that we can get on with what is important in this life on this planet. All the other lives, just as this one, will have been lives of learning, or not, as the case may be.

Journeying to the End of Days
Very few people know when there time will be up. Therefore, we need to make the very best of each and every day. That can be difficult sometimes as we get caught up in the energy of emotion.

When emotion is running hot and strong in our system, then the rational part of the mind has absolutely no say in anything that we do. We are driven by the power of emotion. I think the term ‘Crime of Passion’ should be changed to ‘Crime of Emotion’ which is more accurate. It is the power in emotion that people can’t control when pushed to the limit.

When were we ever taught anything about this power in our education systems? The most powerful driving force that affects humans and we are told nothing about it. You have to laugh. What chance do humans stand unless they spend a little time sitting out on a long hot summer night and contemplating Life the Universe and Everything.

It’s all up to the individual. The teachers are there when the students are ready.

Jesus commented on this state of affairs.

The harvest is indeed great,
but the labourers are few.
Entreat, therefore, the Lord
to send labourers to the harvest.

With my deepest love and blessings to you all.

The Light of Darshan will be available for you on Sunday evening.



Circle of Light Earth Healing Community have just finished a World-wide Earth Healing event for the Solstice. The Light was poured through their hearts and into the heart of Mother Earth for more than a week.

This healing and intention was focused on more than 100 individual sites around the earth.

Next week I will share with you the Earth healing results on our interactive Globe of the world so that you can see where everyone was focusing their intent.

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