Do You Try Too Hard?

Is the Spiritual Path easy?
If you are doing it well and correctly, then the answer for most people is probably no. If you think you have nothing to learn about how the Universe works, then you will be inhabiting the temporary delusion of illusion.

How long will it take me to get anywhere?
You have no idea as each person’s journey is different.

How do I know if I’m getting anywhere?
The answer comes in confirmations from the Universe.

Some people have a natural gift with languages and others find it almost impossible to get their head around pronunciation, meanings, cultural understandings and just the plain difficulty of reading or speaking in another tongue. The Spiritual Path is like that too. For some, they are in alignment with it, but for most it seems almost impossible to get anywhere.

Those who struggle most are usually the ones who are trying too hard. The ones that doubt their progress are probably doing quite well.

The first thing you need to learn are the Universal Laws. They are the language that makes the whole game of enlightenment function. Without knowing the rules of the game, how are you ever going to be able to play it?

The Universal Laws are also the language of the heart, but as a species, the heart is an organ that most people have yet to develop. Firstly, most people develop their language of the energy system and their sensitivity to the energies that surround them, both man-made and natural. Developing the ability to feel and then later see what is just beyond the limited 7 frequencies of the electro-magnetic spectrum that shows us our world begins to open the first layers of your potential for flowering.

When you consider that the E.M. spectrum is almost endless, the fact that we can only see into 7 of its frequencies might just give an indication of how limited we are until we can see and perceive beyond these.

Anyway, let’s not get too deep just yet.

When Light begins to call us, it is wise to trust it, but at the same time be aware of our feelings so that we become discerning as to if the light is doing us any good or not. For example, someone who is just beginning to awaken may be wasting their time sitting with a fully enlightened spiritual master and expect to get much from their teaching. Why? Because they have not yet had the heart opening experiences necessary to walk in those exalted footsteps and understand where they are leading. Of course, sitting in the light of the master may well have a profound effect if the student’s heart is truly ready to open and receive a shot of light. Can you see the conundrum here?

You might choose to follow all the great teachers of your time, but the governing factor is how much light your heart is ready to receive based upon your life path, which is determined by the Universal Consciousness that guides your life.

If your soul is ready to accelerate you at a great rate of knots, then certainly you will know it by the challenges you suddenly face in life. But if your soul chooses to take you upon a gentler journey of rich experiences, then it will take longer to attain a measure of enlightenment that you are certain has taken place.

So, what is the answer to this conundrum of, ‘how fast can I go?’

There are many aspects to this answer, but to try and simplify it, the key word is balance closely followed by the word harmony.

If you are drawn to sit in the light of a great teacher, then afterwards, allow the teacher’s words, light, or both, time to penetrate your system deeply. This may take a week or two. Then ask yourself, did I benefit from this immersion? If you are sure you benefitted, then do it again and again until you benefit no longer. Then it is time to move on.

Sometimes you may sit in the light of an Avatar and feel little in the moment, but in the days following there may be illumination or great challenges that arise. Both are pretty good signs that this has helped you on your journey, even though in the early days you may not be able to understand how.

The balance comes as a result of the harmony gained when you know you were in the right place. Don’t push it. Take your time. If you need to be pushed, then the Universe will push you.

One powerful lesson that I learned early on my path is that there is no such thing as negativity. It is only the way we perceive an energy as it touches our lives. For one person, it may be perceived as negative and for another it may be perceived as positive. But if the energy challenges you in any way, then it is your Divine opportunity for growth by finding the answer as to why?

The next time you experience a difficulty, challenge or what might appear to be a negative experience, just remind yourself how small you are in the understanding of the great Universal Game.

You have no idea how God chooses to work in the person standing next to you. You have no idea how God is going to use the conduit of another person to bring you a challenging lesson of something you need to work out or let go of on your journey towards enlightenment. So, the best thing you can do, whenever you experience something that pushes one of your buttons is to be very quiet inside, other than to ask yourself one simple question.

What am I trying to learn from this?

When you find the answer that is often the moment that creates a huge shift in your vibrational rate; the light bulb moment, which in turn opens the conscious understanding of the heart and moves you further towards enlightenment.

Some of us are here to change the world and some of us are here to change our selves, but we are not the ones who decide which is which. That choice resides with the Love that Guides all Beings.

With my deepest love and blessings.