Love is all around us, but what we see in the media is the opposite.

I began to write a book a long, long time ago called An Act of Evil, but like a  number of books, once I had put my thoughts down and gained the understanding that I was looking for, I abandoned the project for the time being.

It all started when I was woken with an insight in the middle fo the night, that’s often when they come. It was a play on words. To be full of LOVE, is to LIVE and anything less than being full of Love is to be partly filled with something other than Love.

To LIVE is the act of allowing LOVE to flow through you and express itself into the world, but if you allow this other stuff, the something other than LOVE to flow into the world, then what is it?

It is the opposite of LIVE or the reverse of LIVE which is EVIL.

EVIL just means an absence of LOVE.

The expression of the consciousness of EVIL is any word or act that is not LOVE and it is death rather than life. It is the opposite expression of LIVE. It has no life force that uplifts, but is an energy that dengrates.

An act of evil may be something as simple as snapping an answer ‘at’ a person, rather than speaking with thoughtful love upon your tongue. Well, we all do it now and then don’t we, because sometimes we are stressed, worried or trying to work something out when the person speaks to us whilst we are not in our full awareness, but distracted by our process. It is very difficult in this modern world to be in this beautiful state of being filled with LOVE and speaking only words that LIVE.

The other reason that we are not completelhy full of LOVE is that we are still evolving to that state, and one has to be fully aware of these opposites at all times, how they are active within you and how you express them into the world in order to progress upon the path of evolution. The more you bring your attention to your words, the more they show you their radiance, the percentage of light versus darkness.

Masuru Emoto’s work demonstrated the difference between words that LIVE compared with words that do not LIVE, with his experiment with the two jars of rice, Each jar was spoken to each day with either words of LOVE or words of EVIL. The rice that did not receive loving words decayed and went black very quickly whilst the rice that had been spoken to with LOVE maintained its life force.

In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus gave a teaching about this.

What goes into your mouth will not defile you,
but what comes out of your mouth,
that is what will defile you.

What this means is that every word that you utter that comes from a place within you that is not love, will injure someone, but at the same time, it will also injure the person speaking it as a direct reflection of what you have just brought into the world. This is a demonstration of The Law of Reflection in action, or karma. But what people do not realise is that this self-defilement is instant. The energy comes right back at you in the moment. A little at a time these dark energies build up within you and eventually manifest into dis-ease.

The only way LIGHT comes into this world is through a heart that LIVES and therefore, is full of LOVE.

There are two sources of pure LOVE, one is the Divine Mother, the Earth and the other is the LIGHT of the masculine, the consciousness of all that is above.

When you bring together your Mother and Father in your heart, you have completed the Merkaba of bringing heaven down to earth and taking earth up to heaven through your centre.

You have allowed Mother and Father to be united in your heart and their LIGHT, LOVE and ENERGY will flow into this world through you, and you will truly LIVE.

And no act of EVIL shall fall from your mouth and defile you.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.