Switching Your Reality

What if your whole Life is Wrong?

Here is a little story of how reality might not quite be how you see it. LOL
What if you woke up in the morning and you were completely changed physically. For example, if you are a currently a black skinned person and you woke up with white skin or vice versa? How would that affect your life, who you are, how you interact in the world?

The changes and challenges would be so massive that it is really impossible to even consider an answer to that question. But what if you woke up and something had changed but not to such a dramatic degree?

Imagine you woke up and had a sudden and very clear message in your mind that you were in the wrong job, or living in the wrong country, or heaven forbid, married to the wrong person?

Well, it happens, and it happens to many, many people on a regular basis. Suddenly, they wake up one morning and realise that their whole life is wrong. It happened to me!

It didn’t happen to me over night, but it happened over a period of a year or so. I didn’t know what was happening but each day my life was falling apart inside. I wouldn’t say that I was totally unhappy about this, but it was massively challenging as I knew that I had to change my whole life. Something was wrong with it, but I wasn’t sure what. It was as if I was in a difficult dream. I enjoyed my job, but I felt it was being taken away from me. I was losing all my customers. I was in the wrong marriage. That doesn’t mean there was something wrong with my wife, but as something was changing inside me, I knew that I could not be with her any longer. Once I had this realisation, there was then the difficulty of bringing up the subject, shattering her security and her world. She thought everything was ok in our marriage, but suddenly it wasn’t and that was because something in me was changing. In fact, it was awakening to the fact that my whole life was wrong.

It hadn’t really been wrong up until that time, it was just unfolding as it does, but now someone upstairs had a plan for me and that plan didn’t include living in the same house, doing the same job or being married to the same woman. That plan meant that I had to change everything, and it wasn’t going to be easy.

The hardest part was facing up to the true feelings that were growing within.

The hardest part was finding the courage to take action.

The hardest part was the Thursday night that I walked out the door, never to return to that life.

Changes are Always with Us

What was happening to me is happening to all of us at some level but in my case it was suddenly intensified. The volume was turned up and there is no choice. You have to find the courage to take action and facilitate the allowing of change to come.

Change is happening to all of us because the whole universe is changing. It is evolving. It is moving to a new level. The earth is changing. The weather is changing. The challenges of change in the world today are huge and what humans tend to do is carve out their little world and remain safe within it. But what if you woke up tomorrow and suddenly saw that everything in your life was wrong?

I was recently astonished. I was watching a Youtube video of an interview between two enlightened people. One a spiritual interviewer and the other a respected spiritual teacher. They were laughing about the time many people were panicking about the date of the end of the Mayan Calendar in the year 2012 portending the end of the world. They commented, ‘Look, nothing happened and all those people were worried about the end, but nothing happened.’

Oh really?  What planet are you guys living on? LOL

The Mayan Calendar marked a point in time that was called The End of the Age of the Sixth Sun. What it marked was a place in time where change would come… and these guys haven’t seen the changes? Well, let’s not be too critical because if you are not looking in the right way or in the right place, then you are not going to see or more accurately, perceive the changes. Anyone can miss it, but also, you can see it in a mis-perceivedway.

It is true, the changes didn’t come on December 12th 2012 but the Mayan Calendar didn’t say they would. It just marked a point of the end of a cycle and where there is an end, there is a beginning. Year on year, our earth is changing.

Changes are always with us, always a possibility but sometimes they are coming more quickly than at others. Presently, there is an acceleration in the Universe and all things are changing quickly.

The Universal Perspective on Life

As my awakening continued over the years, I saw deeper and deeper into the consciousness of the Universe. You might call this the God-consciousness. The consciousness that underpins the whole reality of everything that is. The picture is so big that it is impossible to know it within the limitations of human experience. We are just not equipped to know it. It goes beyond everything we are capable of knowing. But the thing is, that greater Universal Consciousness can show us how to take steps towards becoming what it is and as that happens, our heart opens massively.

That doesn’t mean that we lose all our inner flaws and personality traits, but as the heart opens, it allows us to see the possibilities to move towards something far greater than we could ever imagine in our ordinary everyday lives.

I think I was pretty happy in my old ordinary everyday life. I worked hard and we got along. The children had clothes on their backs and we had a car and holidays and there was good food on the table. We had a house and a small business. We had enough. And then I tore it all to pieces because I had no choice. I had to walk out of the door with nowhere to go and that night I slept in a rental van on a motorway service area.

I had to go. There was no choice.

I had to go. There was no choice.

I had to go. There was no choice.

That was my new beginning.

Then, as a reward for hearing the truth in my heart and taking action to take a step towards the voice in my heart, the Universe showed me how the whole of human consciousness was running a program that was completely opposite to the one that was on offer from the Universe.

One morning you may wake up with the realisation that the whole of your life is wrong. That is when you hear the call of the Universe.

When you find the courage to take action, to walk away from that life in the smallest of ways, to change the tiniest of thoughts, then the Universe will offer you Light to help you see your true path.

That path is likely to be full of challenges, but as you surmount each challenge, you summit Mount Everest over and over again as your heart becomes full of Light and you embody The Laws of the Universe and the Light of Universal Consciousness serves you.

You begin with just one small action.

The Light of Darshan is a guiding Light. It may help you.

With My Deepest Love and Blessings.