A key element in spiritual development is grounding and connecting with the Earth Mother Consciousness. There are two main elements to consider. The energy of the Earth Mother and her consciousness. She is a being like you and I but somewhat different in appearance but the common factor is atoms. All things are made of atoms and each atom is where the consciousness is found. Her consciousness is magnificent and huge and as humans we don’t even come close to her abilities, knowledge or power but we inhabit her space as fleas inhabit a dog, that is, for the most part most people do not consider their host.

Our Earth Mother is our host for this incarnation. She supports us selflessly and this video tells you a little bit about how the development of our connection with her energy and consciousness develops as we develop spiritually.

Also, below, I would like to share a book of rhymes and small poems that I wrote some years ago. This book has sat in the cupboard for about 8 years maturing like a good wine. It is now ready to drink in.

And yet another book that fits somewhat with our Earth Mother theme this week. Fairy Stories is a collection of little stories about some of my experiences with Nature Spirit consciousness. I hope you enjoy them.

I look forward to transmitting Darshan Light to you on Sunday.

With Love and blessings.




The Princess & The Bear – An Undying Love

This is the first book of Dave’s poetry.

Dave is a shy and sensitive soul who carries a powerful light within. He is deeply connected to the earth and the universe. He has suffered with an open and over-sensitive heart his whole life, feeling the pain of the world and of humanity’s struggle.

It is in those times of extreme joy or distress that his heart opens deeply and the words flow.

This book is dedicated to all those who struggle with life and love through their sensitivity.


Fairy Stories – Encounters with Nature Spirits

David Ashworth was and is an ordinary guy, but after a powerful spiritual awakening in the early 90s he developed amazing abilities to see into the consciousness at the heart of many things.

This launched David on a very successful healing career followed by more and deeper awakening processes. Along the way, he developed shamanic abilities and deep connections with the nature spirit consciousness.

In Fairy Stories, David shares some light hearted and interesting journeys from his experiences with the world of our Earth Mother and her many layers of consciousness that speak through the various nature spirits of the woodland, trees, fungi, fairies, etc. Magical journeys that you can share in as drift through the pages of this wonderful book.

The author of a number of spiritual books, David is also the original channel of The Emerald Heart Light and founder of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment.