Just a little white lie is all it takes to pervert the whole of the consciousness of humanity.

Did you ever think about the impact of your thoughts?

A thought is like the proverbial pebble in a pool, sending out ripples to the edge of eternity. When good thoughts manifest at the centre of your being, they radiate light outwards into the soup of life, which we can call the Collective Consciousness. The Collective Consciousness is indeed very soupy and all people drink unconsciously from the contents of the soup each day. It touches all of us and influences all of us in ways that most of us may not be aware.

If you think about the Collective Consciousness as a kind of mist that surrounds the earth, maybe about 20 feet deep (7 metres) you can see how we spend all of our time in this soupy mist, but of course we can’t see it.

We can’t see it but it touches all of us and our emotional body, to a certain degree processes the soup constantly. A simple explanation of the soup goes like this. If there is a powerful or interesting program on the TV on a particular night that attracts many people, then the following day people will say to you, “Did you see that program last night?” It will probably be the talk of the work place. All thoughts and conversations will be around the subject.

If the program as perhaps a major international sporting event and your country won, then there will be celebration and elation and an uplifting vibe. But if the program was a violent, dark drama with explicit scenes that have touched people deeply, then they will carry those images into the Collective Consciousness the following day in their conversations. What is more potent though is that their feelings in the Emotional Body will be fully engaged in the darkness. The ripples of these pour into the soup and the weight of the soup becomes heavier and the content darker.

Two films come to mind that triggered people’s darker sides many years ago. One was A Clockwork Orange and the other was Easy Rider. Almost immediately after seeing these films a number of people committed serious crimes and even murder as a result of the heightened emotional charge in their system. This same energy was also poured into the soup by thousands of people who had seen those films.

If we looked at all the dramas, documentaries and films on TV today and categorised them on a scale of one to ten based on their dark or light content, you would find that the balance would come out in favour of the darkness. Whatever you take in from the media is going to influence your emotions and the power of emotional energy is then going to pour into the soup.

People often find themselves in difficult situations where they might have made slight errors of judgement on a day to day basis and when caught out, it is more natural for most people to try to eliminate the pain of their embarrassment by not quite telling the truth about the situation. That is when the roller coaster of deceit gathers speed towards the soup. One little white lie might then lead to another and another and another and before you know it, you’ve stitched yourself into a place that you can’t get out of.

The reason people commit this injury to themselves is primarily because humanity struggles with a lack of courage and an inability to easily forgive.

The lack of courage enters the game at the moment the person is cornered. Human consciousness finds it easier to try and talk its way out of a difficult situation rather than find the courage to admit to their error.

Part of this issue is caused by the fact that others find it very difficult to forgive, but rather make an issue out of a small error of judgement.

The emotional content of this game can multiply and magnify to a massive degree very quickly, leading some people to commit heinous acts in the process of trying to avoid being caught out.

We need to remember that none of us are perfect. We all make errors of judgement, but there is little or no tolerance to allow people to make errors of judgement in our society. On the other side of the coin, the offender experiences the crippling fear of being caught out, having to confess and being ridiculed and abused for their error.

If we can find the courage to own up or apologise when an error is made, then the soup will be a lot clearer. If a friend makes a mistake, be quick to let them know that it was a good lesson that they can learn from rather than causing them additional pain, and in that way the ripples that flow out from this tiny rock in space will carry more love than pain into the Universe and will therefore attract more of the good than the difficult.

It all comes down to Courage and Forgiveness. Indeed, it can sometimes take great courage to forgive.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.