The word Gospel means Good News. Go tell the Gospel, the Good News. What has that got to do with Cynicism and Suspicion?

The expression of these two words are encountered often by people who’s lives may not be the same as those who might be considered, ‘the norm’, or as the lives of ordinary folk.

If you have experienced a different kind of life from ‘the norm’, and as a result experienced a different kind of life-experience, well then, you better be prepared to encounter the projection of Cynicism and Suspicion when you share your story.

This has been happening to me since I was a boy at school. I was fascinated by the Universe, for example, and amazing scientific facts would store themselves in my mind, such was my excitement to discover them, but if I tried to share such knowledge with friends, it was usually met by derision and rejection. You learn to keep your mouth shut in order to avoid the pain of ridicule. However, it continues to happen from time to time and is bound to if your life experience is different from the norm.

After my initial awakening and establishing my healing practice I was in demand on the speaking circuit and I enjoyed it. My work was blossoming and I loved to share my knowledge and experiences and most importantly, these people were thirsty to hear the good news. We were on the same wave-length. Obviously, all not of the norm!

However, as I tried to share certain products or services to the wider world, it came back to me from time to time that people were either cynical about the properties or suspicious of the offer.

I found this hurtful in one way, that people might consider that I was a liar or a conman, and unbelievable in another way, when they only had to try it to find out the truth. Most importantly, I couldn’t believe how people could be so judgemental about something that they may have little knowledge of. I would wonder how humanity would ever progress with such closed, cynical or suspicious approaches to life.

Then again, there was always something innocent and maybe a little naive about myself. Yes, I was conned and robbed many times along the way, because I actually trusted everyone, but that is fine, I learned a few lessons that needed learning. However, I remained open minded to everything. I tried never to judge anything, unless it was from my own experience, then that became my truth. In that way, the Universe was able to bring me many, many opportunities, because it knew that I would take them, review them and progress them in a kind scientific way, usually by trial and error.

Eventually, the Universe shared its secrets with me. It taught me the Laws of how it all worked. Why would it do this? Because it knew that I would share the knowledge with those who were open to receive.

I wonder how many opportunities the Universe brings to those who are closed-minded, cynical or suspicious? Knowing a little about how the Universe works, the answer would be, not many. It wouldn’t waste its time and energy on something that was not going to return a reflection to the Universal whole.

I heard a line on one of our radio soap opera shows recently where a chap wanted to get his land cleansed and wondered about finding someone with shamanic or geomantic abilities to have a look at the problem. He described such people as Hippy, Dippy types. Those of us who have learned how to do amazing things with our consciousness, often through years of study, practical application and inner transformation can still be referred to by derogatory terms by those who are ignorant of the subject.

Those who sit upon the fence of Cynicism and Suspicion most often live life with their heads in a black cloth bag and follow the flock like blind sheep, never having the courage to stand on the edge and find their own truth. Their consciousness is only opened to a fraction of its potential, yet those who have done the work and expanded their inner horizons are the hippy, dippy ones, in their eyes. Well, you have to just laugh, don’t you, otherwise you would become as mad as a blind sheep. LOL.

Is there any hope for humanity? I really mean it, but you have to laugh at the absurdity of blind judgement.

And so, to the point of this little exercise that came to me from the ether today. How do you spread the good news of your product or service without it being the victim of Cynicism and Suspision, especially when the product you are bringing to the world defies all present logic and scientific proof? I expect when science catches up, it will no doubt claim the truth of it from the rooftops and help people to find the way. Alas, we may have some time to wait for that day. In the meantime, those of us who have something to offer, must get on with offering it and those with eyes wide open will have the opportunity to taste the fruits of our labours, and thus expand their experience of reality.

Sharing the Gospel. In other words,  MARKETING!  LOL!

They are one and the same thing but people are terrified of selling their wares, gifts, talents and services for the fear of them being met with Cynicism and Suspicion.

Some time ago, I had a little epiphany one morning. Something totally shifted in my consciousness around this issue of being reticent to market my wares, the wonderful products that I had been guided to create and which unlocked my heart and deeper consciousness to the point where I could bring into this world the Light of the Universe. As I stepped out of bed one morning, I suddenly felt this wonderful sense of joy in being able to share my work with the world. There was no reticence any longer. No angst at fielding any negative feedback. Just joy that I had something to offer the world. Moreover, I was the living proof of its efficacy.

If you see an offer coming from me at any time, you can be sure that I am extremely joyful at being able to share this with you. That my heart is fully engaged with yours through the light in my products of my work; and that I am sharing something that absolutely changed my life for the better and continues to do so.

The light that I offer to your heart, in whatever form, is the same light that took me on an amazing inner journey of Divine expansion and created a life that I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams. I wish only the same for you.

With My Deepest Love and Blessings.