This week we thought we would bring you these powerful words, a short extract from the amazing book ‘The Keys of Transformation book one – Birth of a New Light’, written by David Ashworth and published in 2009.

“The basic message of the book is deceptively simple. The time to change is NOW. The Age of Aquarian Light is here, pulling more and more people into its flow of healing and evolution and beginning a world-wide process of awakening and illumination for all those able to open to it. ”



“It is now your time to awaken.

It is now your time to evolve.

You are expected to learn detachment.

You are expected to continually transform into higher states of perfection.

Becoming detached allows your transformation.

If you hold on to things, you won’t transform.

Learn to let go and become free.

You are here to raise your vibrations.

You are here to carry increasing amounts of light.

As your light increases you will continually transform.

As you continually transform your hidden gifts and talents will emerge.

You have been given your Gifts and Talents to help you through life.

You are expected to earn your living through your God-given Gifts and Talents.

You are here to uplift and empower others.

You are here to help others discover themselves.

You are here to become a teacher and a leader.

You are here to lead humanity into higher consciousness.

You are here to play your part in the great Ascension into Light.

You have been called to assist all seekers to find the God within themselves.

But first, you have to seek the God within your own self.

You are here to learn how to go beyond captivity.

You are here to learn how to become free of mind.

You are here to allow the Light to emerge within you.

The Light is within the deepest part of your heart.

The Light is the God-Consciousness.

The Light is the Light of Creation.

You are here to learn how to create with Light.

You are here to learn how to create with God.

Allow the Light of God within you to begin to create Your Life.

Take responsibility for your life.

Take responsibility for your journey.

Learn how to become God.

And then move a mountain – just because you can.”



David Ashworth

The Keys of Transformation- Book One – Birth of a New Light