Sometimes life smashes me on the shores of an inner desolation. A darkness so profound that it seems almost impossible to climb out of it. Like looking up at the sheer face of the frozen north wall of a mountain with nothing left within to face the challenge. Overwhelmed with the pain of darkness.

A place of pointlessness; of the futility of life; of the exhausted emotions; of the weight of the difficulties facing humanity.

A place of utter desolation.

Such is the journey of many a spiritual aspirant. For you must enter the darkness in order to find the light beneath and beyond it. But yet also, the darkness is what is released by the light itself at the core of your being when the light pulses a little more illumination into you.

In life, we all face the darkness of depression and anxiety from time to time. It is a natural part of our human emotional make-up. Our emotions are extremely powerful and heavy energies, but when the heart chakra is functioning well and is filled with the joy of creation, then the power of it will soon cleanse the dark energies from within the aura that can overwhelm you.

The Radiance of Light

About a week ago, I had the most amazing and profound insights that came in parts over three days. The light that illuminated them was so intense that you could have lit a whole universe with it. The uplift from the light was tremendous. The insight showed me into the deepest aspects of the universe and the God-consciousness and how to harness this in a new way, adding to my already bursting armoury of tools and methods to open people’s hearts. Over a period of three days the insights kept coming until I had perfected the understanding of the process. I immediately applied them to two people who were struggling to overcome a deep inner difficulty.

The drama unfolded immediately. Within 24 hours lives were opened to new levels where a deeper truth was now showing itself to the people concerned. A truly remarkable process had been unveiled.

The nature of a such an infusion of light also acts upon the aspects of your consciousness that are ready to be released. The light brings to the surface aspects of darkness that are held deep within you. After the great gift of illumination, always comes the darkness. Light will always illuminate darkness and set it free from the place it lives within you. As it rises to the surface of your consciousness, it floods your aura and chakras with its overwhelming power, as it waits to be released from your being, allowing you to become freer than ever before.

Addiction to Depression

Inner darkness is like a magnetic force. Some people are troubled greatly with depression as the overwhelming power of it consumes every atom of light they possess, to a point where life becomes so dark that it seems there is only one way out. But what many do not understand is that the power of the darkness is actually addictive. You can become addicted to feeling so bad that you then struggle to get out of those feelings. They become like a heavy cloak overwhelming your being. It may be that the energy system becomes cleansed, the chakras become rejuvenated and clear, but the addiction to the darkness continues. When you understand this, you can then redouble your efforts to get out of the addictive part of the problem. Once you know that your energy system is as clear and powerful as can be, then there is only this one aspect of addiction to the depressive energies left to challenge.

The Gift of Darkness

When the darkness comes, it is always a gift, but the desolation makes this gift difficult to see and understand, but a gift it certainly is. It is almost always your own darkness that is being released from a deeper level. The weight, mass and density of it coming into your waking consciousness for you to acknowledge and work at letting it go; getting it out of your system. Once the dark energy is clear and you pull yourself out of that addictive aspect of the issue, then suddenly, the universe can pour the light of illumination and creation into you once more.

So goes the cycle of evolution. From darkness into light, into darkness, into light.

The cycle of Desolation and Resurrection. Death and Rebirth.

Without the darkness rising within you, you cannot find the light that shines beneath it.

When the darkness comes, it has been triggered by the light emerging. Work at dispelling the darkness and bringing forth the light.

I have many, many tools and processes to help you.

With love and blessings.

David Ashworth