In every moment, someone loses someone close and thus pain and grief tumble from the heart to fill the aura, then tumble from the aura into earth.

At any one moment, millions of people are in that state of pain and grief, yet for most, they do not feel it as they did not know the person who has passed or those in grief.

A child, a grandmother, a husband or a wife.
Who knows the pain, the searing strife.
Who knows the emptiness,
of passing life?

When that pain and grief touches us, then we know it and can attest to the difficulties of others when it comes upon them, but for the most part, lives pass and we don’t know those people. Their pain does not touch us as it would if it were someone close.

Through the history of humanity, how many lives have been lived and passed away? It must be impossible to calculate, but it is certain that we all travel the same road. We are all going in that same direction as those who passed this way before us. There is nothing we can do about it. We must at some point leave.

It is wise to think about the journey and prepare; to speak to those who are close and ensure that we are all as comfortable as possible with the process. Try to engage in the imagery that all is not lost, but that we are merely moving to another dimension where a different life awaits.

There is no death.
There is only transformation from one state to another.

But when hearts that have been strongly bonded in this life must separate, no amount of understanding can ausage the pain and grief of loss.

I often take a moment to think about the poor people in war torn areas who are losing friends and relatives all the time and they have no control over their circumstances. It is just luck or Divine Grace that allows them to continue living whilst neighbours fall.

My heart, indeed, does feel their pain and loss even though I might not know them, for it is only by that Divine good fortune that some of us know peace in our land, whilst others know only pain, grief and uncertainty.

I bless them with my heart, my light and my love and I dedicate this Sunday’s Darshan to all those in such dire circumstances.

With Love and Blessings,