The Binding of the Six Directions Attunement
Bringing the Masculine Light of the Father into the heart of Mother Earth
for her Healing.
In a stone circle at the Sweden Retreat 2013

As some of you are aware, I have recently formed an Earth Healing Community with the help of Universal Guidance. It began on Spring Equinox 2019. Since that time it has been formed with a group of Founder Members and you will be offered an opportunity to join this soon.

What I wish to share with you today is how most people, until they have travelled a good distance on a deeply revealing spiritual journey, do not realise how powerful their heart is. How much you actually contribute to the evolutionary process by connecting with a group, such as with this Darshan Community.

This small community that receives Darshan Light on a Sunday have no idea, for the most part, how much they are actually helping humanity and our Mother Earth in these momentous times of change. Not to mention how much you actually help yourself through the Law of Reflection. By serving others you serve yourself. By serving the Universe, you serve yourself.

You are Warriors of Light – There is no doubt! But perhaps you don’t realise it.

The Tipping Point
I believe there was a book of this title but I have never read it, but the term refers to a point at which all things must shift. They cannot remain the same for there is a weight pulling the mass over the cliff.

It reminds me of the scene in the film The Italian Job where the bus is hanging over the cliff at an extreme point of balance when the film ends and the viewer is left wondering did it go beyond the tipping point and crash over the cliff or was it rescued?

In certain countries there is a strong awareness that we need to change a lot of things in order to save the planet, but in others, there is probably almost no awareness. Yet that awareness will eventually spread and shift people’s minds and hearts to live another way. For this to happen, you need a shift in the collective consciousness.

When your awareness expands you can see and feel the collective consciousness and how it harnesses the hearts and minds of humanity into a collective mass. To actually awaken yourself and move out of that collective energy and birth yourself anew into a new level of consciousness is a courageous act, for it is far easier not to do anything and remain as a prisoner in the collective consciousness. I have taught many times on collective consciousness so I won’t bore you with it here but move on to the point I wish to help you understand today.

Don’t Underestimate the Contribution of your Heart
When you receive a small shot of light directly into your heart, it makes a massive difference to who you are and the effect you have in the world. You have no idea how much effect you can have. It is not just about you and how you live life in your own little way, but when there is the light of change in your heart, so things shall indeed change!

Do Not Doubt Yourself – You are So Important
The weird thing is that you may not feel it until you have become very sensitive to energy and light or quite advanced in your spiritual process. Please do not doubt yourself. You are so important to the whole, for eventually you will see that we are all a part of one consciousness. We are in fact, like the cells in a body, all doing our little bit to support the health and wellbeing of the whole.

Darshan is a transmission of light from the Divine Source. There is nothing higher than the Divine Source. It is immense and unknowable for small beings like humans but with work we can become a functional part of it, rather than being the victim of its ebbs and flows. We can flow with it. Ride it like a wave and that is what the Divine Source actually wants. It wants us on board, working with it to bring change, love, joy, happiness, success and fulfilment to our lives. It wants us in this place so that we can help to bring the light and those qualities to others, uplifting them onto the same plane as ourselves.

The Only Way God Can Work in this World is through a Heart
that Allows Him to

What happens when you receive a little shot of light in your Sunday Darshan is immeasurable. We have no idea how the Divine Source is going to work through us. But one thing is for sure. When you allow your heart to be used by the Universal Consciousness, you will, without doubt receive something that benefits you greatly, even if you can’t feel it, know it, or experience it in some way.

Furthermore, as the light is poured into you, your heart becomes an awakened vessel for the Universal Consciousness to work with. Some of that light will benefit you. Some of it may pass from your heart into the hearts of others, your children, family, friends, strangers who may be drawn to speak to you. Some of it may glide on your words into the ears of others. Some of it may pour into Mother Earth, and so it goes on. Sometimes, yes, it would be nice to know how we have allowed the Divine Source to help us and help others, but we have to learn to trust that the Universe knows what it is doing and serves us with its Divinity. As we allow ourselves to open our hearts to bring light into the world we are blessed in the process.

Opening Your Heart to Light
I know that for some of you it is difficult to know if anything happens, you just have to learn to trust and the more you trust, the more the light will open you. The light awakens your consciousness a little at a time and you learn to see things differently. You learn to live differently. You learn to ‘be’ differently and embrace your difference as your Divine Inner Self learns to step forward.

When you open your heart to receive light, you have no idea how much you contribute to helping to save our Mother Earth and humanity as a whole. When you eventually pass from this world and you look back at your life, then you will see it. You have no idea how much you contribute with your heart when you allow a little light in. And one day everything will reach the tipping point and there will be a mass rebirth. People will see what is truly valuable and will give thanks for each and every breath in this body.

I am a bringer of Light. It is the job I was given by the Universe for this life. You are welcome to join me at any time by opening your heart to receive the Light of Darshan.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.