The Black Hole

I recall when I was young my fascination of whether there were such things as Black Holes in space. The first black hole was only discovered in 1971 but Albert Einstein predicted them in his general theory of relativity in 1916.

I have always been fascinated with space and what is out there, and also the oceans and what is down there. We actually know more about space than we do about the deep oceans and yet they are on our doorstep. But both places are alien to the support of humans without artificial means of breathing equipment yet all life on this planet originated from within the briny oceans. We are in fact post sub-aquatic bipeds. Isn’t life amazingly wonderful?

I have spent many happy hours studying the brilliant photographs of outer space on the NASA website, as taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and even used some of them on the book cover of The Keys of Transformation as well as using a wonderful image of an Emerald Green Spiral Galaxy that coincided with a solar event at one of our Emerald Heart Spiritual Retreats on Lanzarote a few years ago.

Just recently, we have seen the first photograph of a Black Hole when many observatories around the world linked up and focused on the same area of sky to produce the image.

A black hole is like a plug hole in your sink and pulls everything around it down the hole. The power is immense and really indescribable in our earthly terms. It sucks everything in, planets, suns, stars (which are the same thing) nebula, galaxies – everything! WOW! Where does all that matter go when it gets sucked into a black hole? Imagine waking up one morning to see a black hole about to swallow our whole solar system. We would be gone in seconds.

The Event Horizon
What a lovely term, Event Horizon. The place where the event is taking place. The horizon over which there is no return. Once you traverse the horizon of the event, escape becomes impossible.  The gravitational pull of a black hole is so great that that not even light can escape once it has gone over the horizon.

The end of physical life is an event horizon. The body reaches a point where it can’t function well enough any longer and it lays itself down as a useless shell. It has been a wonderful vehicle for your spirit to experience life on this tiny planet, in this tiny solar system in this relatively small spiral galaxy, that will perhaps one day tighten up to the point where it becomes its own black hole and the whole lot disappears over the event horizon leaving no trace that any of it ever existed. Now that is something to consider. But the universal timeline is so massive that we as a species of animal may well have long since ceased to exist anyway.

Consciousness – The Big Question
What happens to spirit and consciousness? Are they separate things for example? The spirit of a person is the nature that makes them what they are. In my own case my spirit has driven me my whole life to find answers, and indeed I have found many and reached a point in my own evolution where I have no doubt about the continuation of consciousness after the physical event horizon. I have witnessed the consciousness of a wonderful oak tree going back into the great ocean of consciousness that is all around is and it was the most magnificent thing I have ever experienced. I saw with my own eyes and heart what happens when the spirit or essence leaves a physical body.

The Big Easter Question
He had to go in order to show us eternity. Did he engineer his own passing, this troublesome priest? You have to work this one out, but I have seen it and so I know and it is the knowing that helps raise us to this inner place where we can accept the workings of the greater Universal Consciousness is it gives us learning opportunities through experiences.

I saw, many years ago, that there is no such thing as a negative experience. It is just a learning opportunity. The Universe sends us situations that may be challenging so that we can learn how to climb out of a situation. So when we think difficulty has fallen upon us, we have to stand back and ask the big question. What am I trying to learn from this?

Easter Monday – Forget Religious Teachings. Observe the Obvious
There are many religious texts but look at things with your own eyes and work out what was happening by asking the big questions. The Universe is always trying to help us to see beyond our limitations and so when you ask the right questions you will always be guided to answers.

On the third day he rose again and showed himself to Mary Magdalene and ‘the other Mary’ asking not to be touched. His physical body was a dead shell but his celestial self was so full of light that it could be seen and he could communicate. But why did he do this? To show us that we are all made of light and that we are eternal. Yes, he went through the pains of physical death, over his event horizon, and emerged as the great being of light that he had become whilst in a very short life of only 33 years.

Jesus’ total teachings were all about showing us what we are capable of. He sought out the teachers in his youth to continually ask the big questions and each of them poured light into him to the point where he then began his mission to pour light into others.

Once your heart opens to the point where it can pour light into the hearts of others, you have no real choice in life. Light is consciousness. Consciousness is eternal and the spirit of consciousness desires only to do good and expand into the hearts of others, awakening them to their own greater possibilities.

Light is eternal and our conscious essence is eternal. Once you have seen it, there is no doubt ever again. When the time comes, lay down your body with great gratitude for the journey and pass into the black hole of your future without fear, for everything is perfect and if it doesn’t appear to be, then ask the big question. What am I trying to learn from this?

Wishing you the most wonderful Easter Time.

With My Deepest Love and Blessings.