Emptying the Oceans

There is so much to share this week that it will have to wait until next week, LOL!

Just a short note for contemplation.

Those who are switched on and listening to what’s happening in the world tend to have a finger on the pulse, but every now and then something catches your eye or jumps out in some way.

It was a letter in The Times on Wendesday July 18th in response to an article of the previous day entitled Sharks under attack.

39 Million sharks killed so far this year!

Well, that did jump out at me just a little. That’s more than half the population of the UK and we are only just over half way through the year. Currently there are around 73 million sharks killed every year and most of them are just for their fins, according to the statistics from the Marine Conservation Charity Bite-back.

The charity considers that they will be all but extinct in around 30 years at this rate and are calling for a commission, similar to the Whaling Commission to monitor the situation.

I just considered this was worth a thought this week. The oceans are like another world or another planet. Life that dwells there lives in a completely different environment to us. We enter their world and plunder it, murdering the inhabitants, but by what right are their lives ours to take? I just find it bizarre.

It just makes me ask myself,  “What are humans thinking about when they can do this to another species, let alone consider any karmic consequenses? We know from experience that humans do drive oher beings to extinction and so I expect it will be no surprise when sharks are on the endangered species list, and by then I wonder how many other species will have been taken from the world they inhabited before humans arrived here?

As I say, just something to contemplate and perhaps put into perspective. I was shocked by the numbers.

I wish you all a wonderful Darshan this Sunday and a lovely weekend.

With my deepest love and blessings.