The Birth of Extreme Essences
The Extreme Essences were channelled to Earth via The Rectory Oak Tree, the result of spiritual insight and communication with the nature spirit kingdom. These essences, given to me without asking, have proved to be incredible at touching emotional energy at depths and in ways not previously understood by humanity.

The Ocean of Emotion
Our emotions can be seen as an ocean of liquid energy. The Ocean of Emotion. It is energy, running and flowing, moulding itself into expression within your Being. Flooding the human consciousness with its essence of expression. Just as an ocean is deep and light penetrates the waters to a certain depth before all goes dark, the emotions that wander and express in the lighter surface regions are less intense than the darker, heavier emotions of the depths of your individual ocean.

Extreme Emotions reside at a very deep level within your ocean. They are often primordial, from the beginnings of time and they lurk at the deepest, darkest levels, usually well out of reach of your senses, but nevertheless, influencing you at some level. Extreme Emotions are a fundamental force to be experienced and understood, balanced, transmuted and dissolved.

Working specifically upon the deeper negative and positive emotions, Extreme Essences fall into two categories:

Negative Neutralisers and Positive Enhancers

The Negative Emotions:
The original five pools of Extreme Emotions with Negative Expression, as created by God at the beginning of time, for the benefit of the human experience are:

Anger, Despair, Fear, Hate, Sorrow

Let us say that these pools of emotion are immense and the human experience dips into them in order to drink from this emotional experience. However, the Extreme Emotions are essentially supported by the Earth Mother because they are living energies. If they are not carried by humanity at some level, then they can flood the Earth, weighing down humanity as they wade through this heavy emotional soup. When a human Being chooses to carry Extreme Emotion, he or she reduces the weight of emotion which the Earth must carry. Shall we say that the load is shared between the Earth Mother and her children.

During the history, growth and evolution of the present expression of humanity on planet Earth, there are those amongst us who have chosen to carry the burden and weight of Extreme Emotions. Becoming a living vessel for Extreme Emotions is a choice, which is presented to the personality by the soul at the point of incarnation. Those who have chosen to carry this weight show great love for their fellow man, humanity in general and the Earth Mother. This selfless act is the mark of a very advanced soul behind the present incarnated personality.

The opportunity to assist the evolution of humanity in this way was first presented to individual personalities by the soul in times so remote in prehistory that it is almost impossible to comprehend the context. The weight of these emotions has been carried by many people for many lifetimes and is seen as a ‘Noble Act’ by those who guide and teach us from above.

Extreme Emotion resides within the deepest parts of your Being. Within your heart of hearts. It is an energy or feeling, which ordinarily is almost impossible to touch with your waking consciousness, such is its depth. However, you may have a knowing awareness of it and sometimes it can rise up and overwhelm you with its intensity.

Negative Neutralisers
The Negative Neutralisers penetrate the greatest depths of your Ocean of Emotion. They access the primordial swamps of original emotional essence, seeking out its energy and piercing its bubble, allowing the emotion to begin to release and rise to the higher levels. As the essence of Extreme Emotion rises upwards the vibration from the Extreme Essences dissolve this most ancient and powerful expressive energy, bringing balance and harmony to the deepest part of your consciousness. This is a transmutation process whereby the negative expression is transmuted from darkness into light.

The Positive Emotions:
The original five pools of Extreme Emotions with Positive Expression are:

Courage, Happiness, Hope, Joy, Love

Positive Enhancers
Positive Enhancers can be used anytime and anywhere. One does not need to feel down in order to use a Positive Enhancer. As with the Negative Neutralisers, these Extreme Essences plumb the depths of your consciousness to do their work. When used on a daily basis, they continually access the deepest core consciousness of the targeted Positive Emotion, motivating its magic and enhancing its radiance as it releases into your life. As the essence accesses the positive emotion, it rises from the deepest levels, flooding the emotional ocean with Divine Light and positive attributes. As this filters upwards into the surface consciousness, it continually strives to bring higher vibrational aspiration into your life.

The Positive Enhancers seek out the spark of Divinity within each Positive Emotion accessing the core of the energy to amplify and magnify its essence towards a pinnacle of perfected radiance. Use these essences and let it be.

Evolutionary Self-empowerment
Together with the Bach Remedies, a regime of daily use of Extreme Essence, both Negative Neutralisers and Positive Enhancers, is a powerful way to continually access all levels of your Ocean of Emotion, bringing about the release and dissolution of energies that prevent the acceleration of your vibration, and therefore, the evolution of your consciousness, through the weight they impart to the consciousness. By using such a powerful tool as Extreme Essences to open the depths, release the emotional energy to rise upwards and at the same time use the Edward Bach Remedies to access the mid to higher reaches of the emotional ocean, one can continually bring balance and harmony to a whole range of vibrational waves of disturbing emotion.

Extreme Hope Essence
The reason I am offering this essence to you at this time ( with a good discount) is that the shifts in Universal Consciousness are calling for it. This essence has been called for through the Higher Self of a number of students and clients recently and it fits perfectly with the uplifting energy of our northern Spring Equinox.

Order Extreme Hope Essence

A final note:
One night I had a dream about the Dalai Lama. I can’t remember what that dream was now, but immediately after the dream, I awoke. It was 3.30am, 9th September 2007, and the following was given to me which I wrote down.

Every morning you are presented with a wonderful opportunity –

A blank canvas upon which to create your life –

See what you can create with it today.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.