Life, as we know, can be busy. So busy in fact that we sometimes don’t see what we need to nurture ourselves.

This past week or so, my energy has been very low, at certain times to the point where I was completely exhausted and right on the edge of collapse. No brain energy and hardly enough energy to breathe at times.

There have been some close friends and colleagues going through very difficult times too, from inner transformation to serious physical issues and I try to be there for many, many people. Sometimes it takes a little toll on my energy, but at the same time, I find that I am going through a deep transformation of my own too. Figuring out how much energy is needed to support friends and colleagues and how much I need to support my own process can be something that I just don’t look at sometimes, I just battle on. Then, after some days of difficulty, if things are not improving, it’s time to ask the Universe for its help and guidance for me.

Friday night when I went to bed, I asked for a little assistance, rather than just trusting that it would all work itself out. This morning, my energies were all over the place, the universe helping by highlighting the situation. Eventually, I could feel that I wanted to burst into tears for no apparent reason, as I was not upset about anything. That was a great sign, as I understood the issue immediately.

In my late twenties I went through this process of feeling like I could burst into tears and it lasted months, but nobody had any idea what the problem was. It later transpired that I was having a little breakdown, which was perhaps the first part of my spiritual awakening. After my awakening sometime later and subsequently being able to see into the aura and understand the processes within the human energy system, I could finally understand this earlier phenomenon of wanting to burst in to
tears when feeling quite happy. It is caused when the delicate energies within the aura cannot hold themselves in place due to certain pressures. Life just becomes too much for the aura to support and something has to give.

This morning, Saturday, it was time for me to sit down and have a look into myself as my situation was not improving. I went through the process as if I was working with a student or client and found that, indeed, I had some auric difficulties. Firstly the curtain separating the Mental and Emotional Bodies was perforated, allowing mental and emotional energies to mix. This is what causes the feeling that you want to burst into tears. Your head is saying I’m fine and not unhappy and your emotional body is leaking its energies into the mental body and so the aura becomes completely unbalanced, not really knowing what is what any longer. As the energies from
the mental body leech into the emotional body, that is what causes this phenomenon. A kind of inner confusion as certain energies are in the wrong body.

Secondly, the system then shuts down a little bit to try and control and repair the auric layers and this leads to energy loss. So, the second thing I discovered was that the etheric aura had become weak and lacking energy.

The etheric aura is the layer closest to the physical body in terms of its vibration, so when this body loses energy the physical body loses energy too. That is what led to my exhaustion. Once the situation is observed and understood then the healing will begin immediately, but first you have to figure out how you arrived at this point in the first place.

In this particular scenario, I considered that it might be overwork but it wasn’t. It was that my heart was opening a little further and the additional light being released from the heart and entering the chakras and aura was too great for the energetic stamina, or strength of these bodies to hold the additional light.  Essentially then, this was an evolutionary event. However, because the system was already struggling to hold its own, plus a busy working week with some very deep consultations, writing a new website and completing a small book, all added just that bit too much to the load and my system couldn’t recover by itself.

Once I know what the issue is, then I can deliver a remedy for it and the healing will be quite rapid, often feeling a positive result within the hour. I put myself on a Wheel of Light Program and my Higher Self also asked for the essence of Extreme Love.

Extreme Love Essence
This essence offers the consciousness the following assistance:

Extreme Love, the foundation of all that is. Helps to separate mind from heart, (separating mental body from emotional body). Assists the mind to fall away, kindling the light of love within.

The above is a classic evolutionary scenario and an essence which allows the mind to slow down and step aside, allowing the heart to go through its opening phase into the next expression of Divine expansion.

Oh well, just another day on the path then, but working on myself rather than helping others find the light at their centre.

By late afternoon I was really beginning to feel uplifted and that the aura was strengthening. A wonderful feeling after a week of struggle. I really must stop and look in the mirror sooner rather than later.

Wishing you a wonderful Darshan this Sunday.

With Love and Blessings.