Hearing the Changes
The natural world is amazing. I literally hear what is happening through the songs of the birds, how they change their pitch, their song and the way they sing it. I am very lucky to have a lot of birdlife around my home.

Just in the last week the leaves on the Horse Chestnut are fading to their darker summer colour and losing that freshness that comes as they are born. I always find it a little sad when they lose that new born brightness. The oak is fully out and the ash is miles behind, only just showing their first leaves.

The horse chesnut is fully in flower though which is quite stunning.

There is an old saying: Oak before ash there’ll be a dash. Ash before oak there’ll be a soak. This refers to the rainfall later in the year. Well, this year, oak is well ahead of ash so we may not get much rain on to the earth.

Yes, the earth needs it. There hasn’t been much rain throughout the winter in Shropshire and the earth is dry beneath the surface, but there is enough for now.

The birds begin to sing around 5.00am. I often hear the first one in the morning before the dawn and the others quickly follow. In the past week their song has changed greatly into something not so urgent, more relaxed but still very joyful. It is like all the work has been done in nest building and eggs are already in the nests and so the birds can take it easy for a while before they have to begin rushing around to feed their chicks.

The Blackbirds are getting very twitchy at dusk with the air filled with their alarm cry as if they are being terrorised by predators, but often that is just their natural habit. It sems like they panic at the approaching dark time.

Energetically then, you can feel the urgent emerging energies of Mother Earth slowing down a little as everything is now well into the flow of spring and already thinking of mid-summer when there is a great relaxing of the driving energies that uplift those of us who live in the seasonal climes.

Down south in the bottom part of the world though, everyone is heading for mid-winter. Already things are sleeping but in only 5 weeks time, it will be mid-winter and then the light begins to return to you and leaves us in the north.

I find that when one is connected to the seasons and energies of the earth, everything seems to move so very quickly. We are only just past spring equinox, then the Celtic Beltane festival last week, and soon mid-summer and then the nights will begin to draw in. It is quite terrifyting in a way. We have to make the best of every single day and I have tried to do that all my life.

So, in the mornings I listen to the songs of the birds and when you connect with that it is a kind of guiding principle of what is happening energetically in your location in the world and we can then respond to it by being in-line with it. If the energy is resting, then rest a little. If it is a driving creative force, then ride that wave of energy, allowing it to uplift you into a creation process.

Try listening to nature and see how it helps you

Darshan this Evening. I hope that you can join us.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.