Your spiritual journey begins where it begins and that place is usually with some kind of inner change or insight that tells you to move in a different direction.

Even by the end of this first sentence, I can feel an excitement that I will explain to you later.

My journey began around the age of 38 years. It came with a lot of dizziness and a pressure inside me that actually blew me up physically. This inflation would last for some hours and then go down again. I came to understand later that I was being filled with Light. Not a pleasant experience in the beginning and particularly as I seemed to be losing all focus when it happened but I got used to it.

I am telling you this because perhaps you are only just thinking that perhaps your journey is ready to begin, or perhaps the Universal Consciousness is already pushing you in ways that are alien to your understanding. Certainly my whole life over a period of years reached a point where I was most definitely not the person I started out as in this life yet my core personality was still the same. I was me, yet I had also developed into someone that was far different from me. I am beginning to sound like a split personality now. LOL.

It is the consciousness that develops and changes. Something so deep within you, at your very core that it is difficult to recognise in the early days when awakening begins. The core you remains as the person you incarnated as but your consciousness is that aspect that awakens and develops. In the sense of true awakening, it opens to the point where the God within you begins to emerge. It is hard to explain clearly what this is like, from the perspective that if you haven’t experienced it yourself, you cannot understand it.

As your consciousness begins to open and develop, you will without doubt experience events or insights that are quite profound and these will be individual to you. Each of us has our own events, insights and direct teachings from the Higher Plains of consciousness that we might call God or Universal Consciousness. The trick is to know when YOUR Higher Consciousness is directly communicating with you and how to respond to that communication. That is what a spiritual teacher helps you with.

A spiritual teacher is someone who has reached a certain point of development where the Universal Consciousness then pushes them to step up into the role of teacher. We have all had a certain measure of teaching that enables us to help others to see their own path through their own experiences of Higher Conscious communication.

A spiritual teacher is merely someone who has learned how to step from one world of consciousness into another and knows the stages you need to pass through in order to make this inner transformation. It involves a massive amount of trust in things you cannot see or understand. As the trust within you develops, then the Universal Consciousness continues to open to you and serve its light to you. The spiritual teacher helps you to understand the lessons that the Universal Consciousness sets before you.

As you develop, the Universe will create situations for you to learn from. Some will be relatively easy, but others will be difficult. Some you will be able to understand yourself and others will go beyond your comprehension and that is where the spiritual teacher comes in. From the perspective of their developed Higher Consciousness, they can see and understand what the Universal Consciousness is trying to teach you. They will then guide you to find this answer yourself rather than just giving you the answer. It is important that you stretch yourself in order to see and the teacher will help to guide you in the right direction.

Human Consciousness versus Higher or Universal Consciousness
A developed Higher Consciousness is light years away from everyday human consciousness. The gap is so wide that if observed from a distance you would think it was impossible to make the leap. You might ask how you get from where you are now to reaching a point similar to that which Jesus attained. You have to remind yourself that he was an ordinary guy, but he had great teachers who guided him to become that which he was destined to be. If you think that you can’t do what he did, then you are already lost, but as he taught, “You will do greater things than I.” That is where your focus should be. In honour of his teaching, set your sights on doing greater things than he. All the doors are open to you. He opened them for you. Just learn how to step through them.

Opening Your Consciousness
So the first step is to practice being unlimited. Don’t even allow a thought to enter your head that says that you ‘can’t.’ By all means say to yourself that you don’t yet understand how to attain a certain thing, but don’t ever say anything is impossible. The first step therefore is to be as open as you can be and the more you practice this, the more open you will become.

God consciousness can be a tricky thing to understand with ordinary, everyday human consciousness because it is completely different to anything that you can imagine. You don’t just learn what it is and how it works. You become it through the process of inner transformation. In fact I might even say that you could read every book ever written on the subject of attaining enlightenment and get absolutely nowhere. This is because the Light, which is God-consciousness, teaches the opening heart how to become it and the mind and understanding, to a degree, only get in the way.

How you get there is by feeling the truth of what speaks within you, for that is where the God-consciousness is. It is already a golden seed within your heart that is waiting for you to fertilise it with curiosity.

This seed tries to guide your life in the right direction for who you are and why you came to earth and what you came to experience for your own inner growth. The problems and difficulties arise when you allow your mind to guide you in a different direction to your heart.

OK, let’s leave this lesson for today at this point. Let’s allow things to percolate for a while and see what comes up for you but I will now explain that sentence at the beginning where I felt the excitement.

I was wondering what to write. There was a big issue in my life that I was processing but I didn’t want to write about that as I am still feeling the truth of it and learning. So, I sat at the keyboard and waited for some words to arise. They usually come within a minute or so and they flow from that Higher Developed Consciousness that is the God seed within my heart. By the end of the first two lines, I could feel the excitement. That sense of excitement is how your God communicates with you. By sitting at the keyboard I had created an opportunity that allowed the God-consciousness to bring help and guidance to all of you through my heart. That is how we allow the God-consciousness to enter into our world, through creating the opportunity to bring you excitement. That feeling of excitement is the flow of light as it pours through you into our world. Share the excitement and then you share the light that is the God within you.

Follow the sense of excitement and then you will be on your life path and flowing in the light of creation that is pouring forth from your own heart.

Circle of Light
At some point in the near future I will be offering a course that shares all of the teaching that the Universe gave me in order to open the God-consciousness within my heart. I have made a complete journey in less than thirty years that has opened my heart to the point where people can experience the direct intervention of God-consciousness through the Darshan process. Nobody was more surprised that I was when my heart opened to that level and the message that came with it saying, “You’ve made it. Relax. Let go. No need to strive any longer.”

The problem with many teachings of a religious nature is that they have been interpreted by those who have not developed their Higher Consciousness in the heart, and therefore, they have a completely different interpretation and meaning to that which has been given by the original enlightened teacher. Here is an example from Jesus’ teachings to illustrate the point.

“Honour thy father and thy mother.”

What do you think this teaching means? Well, he didn’t mean your mum and your dad but there are thousands of churches and priests who will tell you that is exactly what he meant. And you wonder why the flock haven’t attained enlightenment in two thousand years! If you didn’t laugh, you would go mad. LOL.

Jesus pointed out this absurdity in another of his teachings.

“When a blind man teaches the being of a blind man, they both fall into the hole.”

With Love and Blessings.