Continuing from last week we were discussing how the mind can guide you in the wrong direction for your evolution. There are many reasons for this, so let’s explore some of them.

Firstly, at what level of consciousness does your mind function? The answer to this is that it cannot possibly function at a higher vibrational level than the rest of you. Immediately we see to total and complete limitation of the mind in one simple sentence.

Everyone’s journey is towards enlightenment and the guiding principle towards this goal is located in your heart, the seed of golden light that we call God. It is so very important to see the God-consciousness as being within yourself. It is most definitely not some being outside of you, yet there is an aspect that is indeed outside of you and this does play important part in your evolution.

Already we can see a little complication or dilemma. Let me explain it to you like this. View the God-consciousness as having more than one aspect. See it like a diamond if you like, with many facets, but we are only interested in two of those facets for now and we can call these the Greater God-consciousness and the Lesser God-consciousness. Even this description is not accurate but it will do just fine to understand this aspect of awakening.

It is totally impossible for a human to understand the totality of the God-consciousness as we are too limited within the make-up of our being to encompass even a fraction of it. If the seed of light at your core fully opened within you quickly, say overnight, you would just cease to exist as it would be impossible to survive such a surge of the creative power of such an event. This is why the evolutionary process is an unfoldment and not a singular event and we must develop a measure of patience in order to deal with it. In fact, from the moment you have your first influx of light, it actually drives you forward with an intensity that demands that you attain enlightenment as quickly as possible and so we continue to seek, search and try almost anything that will bring the process forward as quickly as possible. However, the consciousness at the core of our being can only allow the evolutionary process to come forth at a certain speed, one that is within our capacity to hold without burning out. We are all different and the evolutionary process will be different in all of us because of our various limitations. Also, the reasons we have incarnated at this time are also individual to each of us and the journey towards enlightenment is partly to fully embrace who we came here to be.

The limits of our Vibrational Nature
So we see that our mind is limited by our vibration, the overall vibration that we function upon is based on the amount of light that we can hold at any one time.

The amount of light that we can hold determines our fundamental vibration but our everyday vibration can temporarily rise or fall a little above and below this fundamental line. At times of sudden illumination, such as something that uplifts our mental emotional faculties, our vibration can temporarily rise and by the same token if something takes our mood down, our vibration can fall. But the fundamental level at which we function is fixed by the amount of light that we can hold within our subtle energy system.

The Light that we can hold is determined by something called energetic stamina. So in order to increase our energetic stamina we have to push our boundaries with light. This process is just the same as training your physical stamina. If you need more stamina, you train physically and likewise, in order to increase our energetic stamina, we train by exposing ourselves to spiritual light.

Next week we will look at some of the ways in which you can do this.

Circle of Light
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