A friend posted a question about How to become a Bringer of Light and I have offered a little teaching on it, based on my own experiences.

The process of Bringing Light into the world is, like all things of a universal consciousness nature, both easy and difficult. Lol.

When you can do it, it’s easy… Lol, but getting there for most people is a journey and quite often, those who are going to be really gifted at becoming a Light Bringer will often have a very difficult life to begin with. Maybe we will talk about that at some point, but the reason I mention it here is that those people who have a really tough time in life often think they are not going to make it. They often have a terrible record of getting things wrong or making mistakes and getting absolutely nowhere in life.

Take heart; I was that person.

To become a Light bringer is a process for most, although some have an almighty awakening and the process just begins. These are The Chosen Ones. Those chosen by the universe to train how to Bring Light to the whole world.

However, that is an uphill struggle too for most as there are so many lessons to learn along the way, but the most important thing to remember is to NEVER GIVE UP.

I was once sat by myself on a sunny bench in a caravan. I was on my own taking a few days out. It had been a tough time. I was battered and bruised by life, the universe and everything. And as I sat there wondering which way to go, what to do next, how to change my life to what I needed to be next, Guidance spoke up.

It said, “David, working for the universe is just like being a soldier. No matter how bad it gets, you get up each morning, put on your boots and go back out to fight.”

So that is how you become a Light Bringer. You never give up and each day you put on your boots and go back out to fight.

So, who or what are you fighting?

For the most part you are fighting yourself.

As we come into this life, we receive the patterning and programming of all those around us. We become the next clones that will form the next generation, unless one very important thing happens.

Unless, your Heart begins to open and secondly, you begin to listen to it, hear what it is saying and act upon it.

It takes time. It’s not a quick fix. You are learning to think for yourself and step out of the person that you have become to become something else, or something new.

Every time something really bad happens, that is usually the Universe letting you know that A: You are in the wrong place, B: with the wrong people or C: Doing the wrong thing.

So, every time you face some difficulty. Don’t complain but do this…


Then step aside, sit down and begin to ask for guidance as to what you are supposed to be learning from this difficulty.

Each time you are in a difficulty, that is when you are closest to the Universe because it is applying pressure to your life to wake you up and try to guide you in the right direction.

Each time you are in difficulty, it usually costs you and that is how God gets your attention.

But of course; ‘We know what we are doing, don’t we?’ Because we are smart intelligent people.

Like hell we are. Until we can hear the heart and run with it in everything it shows us, we may as well not be here because we are going nowhere fast and probably repeating the same errors of judgement.

If you want to be a Bringer of Light, get as close to light as you can. Get with the Light Bringers. Drink, Eat and Sleep Light. Never Give Up. Just keep going.

Look for the books that call to you. Align yourself with those whom you feel an affinity with. They will be the ones that carry something that will nurture you.

Align yourself with those who challenge you. They will be bringing lessons for you to see about yourself.

And, a little at a time, you will hear the heart. You will feel the love within and you





So, learn from the experiences, especially the difficult ones.

Taking a DISTANT DARSHAN is getting about as close to light as you can do.

I hope this helps you.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.