By some miracle I managed to sit in front of a camera to speak to you, by way of a change. I shouldn’t be afraid of cameras as I’ve done quite a bit of TV including live TV, I’ve been filmed in full-day workshops and I’ve been a photorapher for over 40 years, but to actually get round to setting up a camera and speaking into it has taken me a long, long time. Quite clearly a bit of self-sabotage in there.

I think the real reason is that my thought processes are quite slow and much better suited to writing than speaking and so I’ve considered for a very long time that I didn’t have anything coherent to say in front of a camera.

As we know, the Universe sends us a prompt now and then and recently my daughter was chatting with an older chap whom she had met once before in a pub. He had an interesting dog and she had remembered him because of his dog in particular. As they sat sipping an ale together it became clear to her that he was one of my best mates from years ago. We go back to primary school and had been great mates for more than 30 years before our paths diverged somewhat.

As they chatted, Phil said, “I guess your dad is a YouTube star by now!”

Was that a prompt from the Universe for me to get on with it or not? We cannot really tell in the moment as time needs to unfold a little, but also there are often confirming signs along the way.

I have had a Youtube channel for many years and I have deleted most of the older clips that have been on there for years as I’ve constantly moved on in my development and the way in which I bring light into the world. But of course, I expect there was some very useful information in those old recordings and maybe I should try and locate and upload them again, a) for old time’s sake and b) as they might help people.

Just for fun, I’ve opened this First Vlog with an out take of me forgetting to switch on the microphone. Enjoy.

If you would like me to answer any particular questions about the spiritual path in future Vlogs, by all means, drop me a brief email with your question and I’ll see what I can do.

Wishing you a wonderful Darshan this Sunday. You can sign up below.

With Love and Blessings.