Next week I will be announcing an Earth Healing Project that anyone can join in with.
For those who don’t know about my Earth Healing work I have more than 25 years practical experience in this area and working with the earth has always been very close to my heart.
I have always been deeply connected with Mother Earth, even before my awakening. I had an awareness that there was much going on in the earth that we couldn’t see or know when I was young. In my early days of earth healing I worked with many dowsing teachers learning Classical Dowsing based techniques for surveying and correcting Geopathic Stress. For many years I was on the Professional Register of the British Society of Dowsers too. As my talents increased naturally I developed an Intuitive Feng Shui practice and my natural Shamanic abilities blossomed. I have taught all these techniques in the past including at University level and taken part in a number of television programmes about sick buildings. I have undertaken Earth Healing work all over the country for every type of property from a simple fish pond to a stone circle, businesses of all sizes including large tracts farm land and country estates.
I have a natural affinity with the Earth and Nature Spirit Kingdoms whose consciousness has taught me many things directly over the years. I have also had some incredible experiences with nature too, some of which I wrote about in Fairy Stories.
EARTH MOTHER CALLS FOR HELP Recently, our Earth Mother has been calling for assistance and I initiated a process that she was asking for in order to clear some major toxicity that is troubling her. This cleansing is now working very well.
If anyone would like to take part in this project and set up an earth healing process with the help of my guidance I will be announcing the details next week and you can register your interest.
With Love and Blessings.