It’s been a full-on week and last night I was too tired to write something for our Saturday Darshan page, so I left it until this morning.

I usually sleep for about 6 hours at night, but last night it was almost 9 hours. After catching up on a few emails I opened up the mailchimp to write you something, but nothing was there. I went out and sat in the sun for a bit of inspiration and went back to sleep.

I was aware that the sun was very hot and so after about 20 minutes I came back in the house and went to sleep again for another half hour. I was well aware of my brain energy being low and a bit flattened from the busy week, but came back to the computer again with the thought that perhaps I would share a chapter from one of my books.

I opened the files of ‘Fairy Stories’ and skimmed through a couple of chapters and was quite taken by the writing, thinking to myself that I should perhaps read some of this book¬† sometime, as I rarely go back to them once written and published. Anyway, I thought the chapters were too long to include here.

So, I glanced around the desk for some inspiration and then thought that perhaps I would reach up for one of Yogananda’s books for a bit of inspiration and then I thought…

“You know what? I surrender. It’s not meant to be today.”

Normally, I just sit at the keys and something is given to write about, but today, it looks like I need a rest.

I wish you all a wonderful Darshan this Sunday and a lovely weekend.With my deepest love and blessings.