Whilst helping a colleague recently, it was a great privilege to see the golden thread of life. Whilst working with other colleagues too, it was also a privilege to see their consciousness opening up to reveal the limitations of certain past lives. All of these individuals have worked with me for a number of years. One in particular has worked with me for close on 20 years and the evolutionary process continues to reveal the most wonderful and amazing images as these people pass through ever deeper transformation.

In certain individuals, this inner transformation is the magnificence of the Divine Feminine pouring through them from the source, as she births into this world and in this process a great transformation must unfold in order for the individual to hold that energy. Their whole consciousness must shift from one perception of reality into another. The letting go process of one life in order to emerge into the next expression of life, whilst in a single incarnation is quite unbelievable to experience, the depth is so great.

As transformation takes you, it can be turbulent and magnificent at the same time. The consciousness suddenly begins to experience reality differently and you have no choice but to leave the old you behind and open yourself for what is to come, without having a clue what that new experience will be like.

My colleague experienced such a powerful release of the past that it seemed like it might take him into the next life, but as always, no matter how dramatic the process of inner transformation, there is always a Divine Presence guarding and guiding your transformation. You have no choice other than to let go and go with the process.

My colleague is particularly gifted visually and we seem to be able to perceive into similar frequencies of light and therefore, we both see the same thing when working together, which is a great confirmation of what might be happening.

In this particular instance, as I looked in to his consciousness to help him understand his process, I could see the fine golden thread that provides us with life in this physical reality. When all energy structures and consciousness are put aside, all that is left is this extremely fine golden thread that is the be all and end all of what we are. We literally hang here by a thread. A thread of Golden Light. If that thread breaks, then there is nothing. Life is extinguished and the being ceases to be.

Yet there is something else visible and perceived. It is the eternity that the nature of life returns to. In one second life can cease, but at the same moment, the energy and consciousness of life transforms. Life never ceases, it just recoils back into the source of all consciousness, a great lake of love and wisdom; an ocean of possibility.

My colleague was experiencing a past-life where he saw the Golden Thread break. He experienced the momentary horror of losing life with such intensity that the imagery persisted within his matrix, returning in this life as a part of his healing journey. He saw and experienced his own Golden Thread of Life, as I did in order to help him understand his process. Working together, we unravelled the imagery and pieced together the puzzle. All the while, the nature of eternity was watching the process unfold and at a certain level was allowing waves of comfort to bathe his life.

Transformation is a wonderful thing, it turns caterpillars into butterflies and humans into enlightened beings filled with light.

That is where we all sit, on the edge of eternity, our lives suspended by the finest Golden Thread and if we are lucky enough, we get to witness the truth of it and experience it in a way where mere words cannot possibly suffice, leaving our understanding of reality changed forever.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.