We were going to begin today’s teaching with Developing Energetic Stamina, but there is still more to understand about How the Mind Limits Us.

We are the products of our environment, which consists of our culture, education and peer structures. In certain tribal cultures for example, all is shared and there is no understanding of personal possessions. Our western culture is not built on any spiritual structures although religion has played a part for a long time but is currently fading a little, whilst a truer spirituality is also rising. But essentially our culture is dominated not by the nurturing of our inner being but the training in logic. We live in a world that is dominated today by logic and so our decisions are made logically, with the mind and not through the feelings of the heart.

The key development years are our formative years. That is where our life-stamp is laid down by those who guide us and we become the next expression of that continuing line of teachers. If our inner being is ignored then we have missed those most valuable years where we could have learned life-skills that would guide us for the rest of this incarnation. Consider learning a language. A child can learn a number of languages at a very early age just by hearing it spoken, but the aptitude for being able to speak it perfectly disappears around age seven. You can still learn a language, but you will rarely be able to speak it like it was your mother tongue. It is the same with many other things. If we are taught to be with nature and feel the subtle energies of life around us at an early age then we have amazing skills for navigating life through our feelings.

In many instances children have a wonderful and open sensitivity to a point where they can see and feel the angels, fairies and nature spirits around them. Those with a logical way of approaching the world will often intimidate the child to close themselves through admonishing them for their silly imagination. What actually closes is the heart.

The God-consciousness only communicates through the very core of your being, the heart. People think that the heart is just a physical organ that pumps blood, but in reality, it is a massively complex being in its own right. It is the receiver for Universal Communication – or your telephone to the God-consciousness. It is the vehicle that enables us to bring forth love into our world.

The mind is also a massively complex being but living its own life based on something quite different. It isn’t interested in the bigger picture it is interested in the now and how it can be stimulated. The more the mind grows without considering if it is in balance with the heart, then your life goes out of balance.

The whole universe is trying to guide you through a growth process by communicating subtly through your heart and feelings. The more attention you pay to learning how to expand and enhance your interaction with your subtle feelings the more you become connected with the Universe and the more guidance you can pick up in which way to guide your own life forwards to gain the most from this short experiential time that we are here. If you allow your thoughts to dominate and make all your decisions from that point of reference, then for certain your inner journey is not going to blossom.

Use your brain, mind and thoughts to navigate the logical world of things, finance, business, but use your heart to navigate life. The real value of life is to be able to hear the heart and interpret the feelings accurately. That is your inner guidance helping you. If you ignore your feelings, then you are lost to the reason that you came into this life.

Your individual Journey
We came here to experience certain things. Those things are discovered through listening to and taking action on what your heart tells you. I have met so many people who have totally abandoned their own life in order to do the things that others told them was right for them, rather than following their own impulses and inner guidance. The reason this happens is because they allow themselves to be fooled by their mind. They allow themselves to ‘think’ that others know better than they do about their own life. The consequences of allowing your life to be hijacked by your mind can be many and varied, but essentially it results in no evolutionary growth through a total lack of the experiences that you came here to learn from.

Following your heart means exactly that. Follow the feelings that uplift you and bring you joy. That is what you put first in your life and then you will truly live and grow.

Circle of Light
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