Dear Darshan Community
My apologies that I have not been able to write a teaching in these past weeks due to being fully engaged in the Earth Healing Project that we launched early in March, and which began on the Full Moon Equinox just over a week ago. Shortly, I will share with all of you in the Darshan Community the results of this amazing experience.

Part 4, Developing Energetic Stamina
To work effectively with healing energy you need to develop what is called Energetic Stamina. To work with Light, you need to develop the capacity of the heart in a number of ways.

As we first begin to work with any form of energy such as crystals, essences, Reiki or any other healing modality, the aura must attain a level of strength that can channel the energy effectively without burning you out. For example, crystals and essences, although incredibly powerful and effective, tend not to over-energise your aura as more active energies can.

Lets’ say that crystals and essences are more of a passive energy source as you are not channelling them through your being from possibly an unknown source. You are actively opening their consciousness and the spirit within them then works with you.

Working with healing energies begins in many ways. Some people are born with natural healing talents and others develop them as the result of being called to healing work. Some develop gentle hands-on approaches whilst others receive an attunement to get things moving more quickly. There are many ways to begin and there are unlimited opportunities to make a start. Whichever way you begin, you will be entering into new and fascinating realities that perhaps you have never experienced before.

From the gentle to the more energetic forms of healing or energy work, they are all pushing your envelope, so to speak. The aura is like a bag or envelope in which we live, and in fact, survive. We can’t live without it. It is present to protect us from background electro-magnetic radiation of many forms, such the solar wind and anything else that is passing our planet from the Universe, not to mention the radiations from other humans.

Learning to dowse the Earth Energies with rods and pendulums brings you into contact with energies that are so powerful you would not believe it. All this is just beyond most peoples’ normal senses, but once you begin to open yourself to what is hidden all around you, there is astonishment and joy aplenty to experience.

Some energies can uplift you and some can deplete you and your apprenticeship with energy is all about learning how to work with it effectively and not become depleted. However, at some point you may experience difficult energies as a very important part of your training. What you should be aware of though is that there is a higher power watching over you at all times and it will protect you, but it may also take you close to the fire at times in order that you may learn. When you are close to me you are close to the fire, said Jesus. We may each have many teachers on the path and the Universal Consciousness is the greatest. Sometimes the Universe will teach you directly and sometimes bring you into contact with a human teacher who has the experiences of what the Universe may wish you to learn. Certainly, we are guided every step of the way and certainly, we have no choice in where we are headed. It is just a case of either working with your inner guidance or ignoring it.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Next week, we will look more into how energy impacts the aura and how the aura responds to being touched by energy.

With Love and Blessings.