Whether we understand it or not, we are all pilgrims, those on a journey. Some of us are actually aware at times that we are making a specific pilgrimage to perhaps a holy place or a place that maybe sacred to us in some way, having some kind of meaning to our heart. I have been on many pilgrimages to the ancient standing stones, where for some years I was given a reward from our Earth Mother for having journeyed with an open heart in order to learn about the nature of sacredness, or even the sacredness of nature, and in fact, both.

As my consciousness was opening and expanding I was guided to visit these ancient places in order to be given a vibration to create a vibrational essence. It would transpire that each essence opened my heart and consciousness a little more. When the time was ripe, I was bidden to take another journey and receive yet another gift in exchange for my efforts.

One day, I was asked to undertake a mission to Delphi for such a reason. Well, I knew that Delphi was over in the direction of Greece, but I was not sure exactly where and so the maps were brought out and plane tickets purchased.

As I was landing at Athens airport at 3.00am, I saw a flash outside of the plane window, which I thought were lights on the wing, however, it proved to be lightening and within minutes one of the greatest storms in recorded history unleashed itself over Greece.

I had arranged a hire car. By the time I stepped into it, my clothes were sodden. The deluge was indescribable and my journey lay 3 hours over the mountains towards the Aegean coast. As I left Athens airport, cars were already strewn across the main roads facing all directions and the windscreen wipers barely coped with the amount of water falling from the sky. I was trying to read the road signs, which of course are in Greek, but I did at least know a few Greek letters of the alphabet.

As I left the lighted streets and gained some altitude, there was no let-up. The rain was so intense I could only drive extremely slowly, almost walking pace, watching the kerb just in front of the car as it was impossible to see further. At one point, I ended up at a dead end in a farm yard as the kerb had left the main road to my right and not being able to see that this was a junction, I had carried on following the kerb. I turned round and followed the opposite kerb back until I found the main road again. In places the road was just a river and in other places, rivers were running across the road, tumbling down the mountains. The rocks and debris that had come down from the mountains were incredible to see and after several hours, I arrived at the house that I had rented.

Journey, Pilgrimage or Mission? I had known before I set off from England that it was going to be a mission. That was the word that was given to me.

That night, roads, railways, building, hillsides, houses and businesses were all washed away. There was nothing left of some of the roads. It was incredible to see the devastation.

Later in the week, I made my way to Delphi to obtain the vibration for an essence from the Temple of Apollo. Of course, you can’t access the temple because it is guarded, but here I was. I took a good look round and considered my best option for receiving the vibrational gift. I stumbled upon a hole in the ground. It was the entrance to a type of hypocaust, a hollow space which leads under the floor of a building, usually for heat or ventilation. Down I went, underground, crawling on my belly as far as I dared, then took out my glass vial and received the vibration.

I reversed back out of the dark and into the sunshine, not knowing what had been given. To this day, I am still unsure, whereas with most essence vibrations, I am given a reading for it almost immediately. However, it is in the repertoire of my essence library and occasionally it calls to various people.

I have often thought since that time that there could have been a nest of vipers or any number of things that you might not wish to get bitten by down there, but I was safe.

Delphi is the place where two worlds meet. It is where the veil is thinnest and it has a long history of being the place where the oracle speaks, or where the Universe speaks through the oracle.

As I went through security at Athens airport, I was the only person putting my belongings through the scanner. As my jacket came out of the other side, my watch, which I had worn every day for more than 30 years had been taken, but there was nobody else there. The plane was being held whilst the police made enquiries and eventually I had to get on the plane or remain in Athens. Then it hit me. The watch was the exchange I had to make for what I had been given and was also a lesson in attachment. Sometimes I wonder what that mission was all about.

When I returned home, some people I knew who lived in Greece contacted me to say that they were fairly convinced that the great storm was because of my visit. I must confess to having the same feelings at the time. Well, perhaps not so much feelings, but a knowing, which doesn’t bear thinking about really.

The Universe said “Go to Delphi”, so I went. I don’t question the universe, I just do as I am bid, and sometimes I think maybe I was just being tested. The journey over the mountain was certainly a test. It was like the Universe just threw everything it could at me, but I made that journey and as dawn broke, I lay my head on a soft pillow and slept.

Yes, we are all on a pilgrimage and the place we are going to is called enlightenment. Some of us are being pushed there, and others can take a little more time. Some will be challenged and others will be uplifted, guided and taken there. It’s all in the nature of what we need to learn along the way and how much karma we need to settle.

As your heart opens and your consciousness expands and you become more at one with Universal Consciousness, you leave a lot of things behind you, such as emotional needs, attachments, watches and even people. You begin to realise that not many are at the same place as yourself on the journey and so you learn to journey alone, doing what you need to do when you need to do it. Many years ago, I had a very clear vision one day about my own journey. I was alone in this world but I wasn’t alone on my journey. There were two of us walking side by side and the other one was Jesus. Just me and him on the journey.

I’m not sure who was leading, but we didn’t half get into a few scrapes together, but I reckon I was the one feeling the pain and he was the one picking me up again each time I stumbled and made a mess of things. Eventually, I think I began to hear the guidance more clearly in times of decision and things worked out better.

Along the way, I learned a lot and was fortunate to be able to help a few others see where they were on the path of their own journey. Pouring a little light into their hearts so that they could feel the guidance of their own inner light.

Occasionally some of that light comes back to me and shows me how I helped them. Very occasionally, it comes back from those souls who see the truth most clearly. Children! If you want to know truth, ask a child, for they are unencumbered by the weighty consciousness of adults.

When you take your garments and put them under your feet, even as little children, and you trample them; then shall you behold the Son of Him who is living.

 Jesus of Nazareth

As you make your journey, your pilgrimage, or embark upon any of the missions that have been presented to you, then you will never be alone, it is just a case of knowing who is with you. A small boy of 5, who was unencumbered by the adornments of age, sent me a message about the Darshan Light this week. At this time of Easter, he wanted to share his light with you all.