As the Universal Consciousness unfolds, new possibilities are placed before us at every moment. However, we can’t see them all for we are rarely in a position to contemplate such a mass and wealth of possibility. The key is that you must expand your consciousness by becoming more in-tune with a wider range of frequencies of possibility. Certain vibrational essences can expand and widen your conscious perception. As you become expanded so your opportunities multiply enormously. They are always there but you begin to see more and you also learn to see different ways of opening these opportune moments of possibility.

I have not offered a regular course of vibrational essences for some years but back in 2008/2009 I shared the teachings of the Universe that were given to me in the moment each month. A healthy group followed those teachings regularly and we surfed the Wave of Time together. We were uplifted into that vibration by the essences. The essences have unlocked the consciousness of thousands of people over the years and those with the dedication to their potential and possibility have prospered greatly in their spiritual development. The Wave of Time is the leading edge of ever-changing Universal Consciousness, which acts just like an ocean wave that surfers might ride. I explained it fully in the book The Keys of Transformation.

Much water has passed beneath the bridge since 2009. For example, we passed through the major gateway of 2012. For most of us, we might say, well what actually happened? We are all still moving forward in our own way and dealing with what is presented to us in life and hopefully growing from those opportunities. At the same time, some of us might think that nothing has happened at all. 2012 was a big issue though. Some people would even ask are we all going to die as the end of the age of the sixth sun of the Mayan Calendar came and then went.

I told people not to worry, nothing would happen, like nothing happened when all the computers of the world were destined to be doomed when we entered the year 2000, as no computer clocks had been set to go beyond that date.

Many people expected a great acceleration in 2012 and were disappointed when it didn’t seem to materialise. It actually did materialise though, but it was in 1999 that the acceleration began. The energy from the Universe was immense. I felt it coming and rode that wave whilst trying to alert people to what was happening. It was the acceleration that would prepare us for 2012. Many of you benefitted from the essences and teachings at that time.

Collective consciousness is moving much more quickly since 2012. Look how fast major world issues come to the surface and gain huge support, such as the young people standing up for our Earth against Climate Change and Earth Change at present.

We could say that 2012 was the beginning of the age of our Mother, the Earth. Where she reached a point where she could not tolerate what humanity was doing to her any longer without some form of change. If you keep poisoning your body, eventually it goes into decline and decay and that is what is happening with Mother Earth

If you read these pages, you will know that the Earth Mother recently called to me for help. It is she who opened me to so many things in the early days after my awakening. It is not the first time I have been alerted to her plight, but this time she was quite desperate and can’t hold on any longer. Humanity really has no understanding that she is a living being and that they are killing her. She is like a small and delicate cheese overcome by a population of maggots consuming her.

As a result of that calling, a great Earth Healing event was organised and almost 200 people joined with me in the project. I shared the results with you all a little later. On the morning of this Spring Equinox healing event, the Universe initiated Circle of Light, a moment I had been waiting for since March 2018. There was no warning, the Light just opened and poured its optimism through me and into everyone’s heart that had signed up to help Mother Earth.

Since that time, many of those people have now joined the first phase of development of Circle of Light. They have become the Founder Members of the Earth Healing Community.

The Earth Healing Community is held lovingly and gently in the Light which is Circle of Light. The Universe has brought forth Circle of Light as so that our Father, the Universe can help our Mother, the Earth. For perhaps we are seeing finally that the end of the age of the sixth sun is manifesting in the death of Mother Earth.

Let us not be dramatic though, for she has reserves, but they are much depleted. But the Universe is offering to help her, but He can only do that through human hearts and those who make their heart available to him to pour his healing Light through. That is the nature of Circle of Light. It has been given as a vehicle for many things, but first of all, to help our Mother.

Circle of Light is the birth of a global platform for our spiritual advancement. It allows us to engage in practical spiritual work, no matter how much or little we actually know about earth healing work.

Shortly, members of this Darshan Community will receive an invitation to join Circle of Light. This is just one of the cutting edge possibilities that are being placed in front of you. Circle of Light will offer you many opportunities to open your consciousness and move yourself forward. I have no idea how yet. The Universe offers us these gifts when it choses, but I have no doubt that the first phase – The Earth Healing Community – is only the beginning.

Please do not underestimate your potential to grow and to be important in the eyes of Mother Earth and the Universe. We are all a part of a great ocean of consciousness and as we take the opportunities to bathe in their Light and Energy, then the possibilities are placed before us to benefit from.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.