It is like 1999 all over again… the power of the Light, that is. The expansion of the Universe. The awakening flow of consciousness.

On the Eve of Winter Solstice, I could not sleep and had to get up again. This also happened to a number of other friends; the ones who are connected deeply into our Mother Earth and the Universe. What an amazing sign of things to come.

As we entered the solstice phase on the 21st, I could already feel the power of the Light returning to the north. For those of you in the south, you will no doubt be experiencing the mid-summer’s warmth, or even boiling heat in some parts, but for us in the frozen north, we are quite ready to experience the Light returning. It is quite mad and bizarre that the energy can change so much in just a few hours.

This morning, the day after solstice, yet again the energy was pulling me out of bed with such an excitement to it. Time to get things moving and ride this amazing wave that is being brought forth for us.

So, what do I mean about 1999? At that time, there was such a power bathing the earth from the Universe, the most powerful time I have ever experienced in my life. At that time, people were still waiting for the gateway of 2012 and it seemed like there was so much inactivity and I couldn’t understand it. At that time I was teaching many groups of spiritual seekers and pointing out to them all the present signs for uplifting us  It was a great time of awakening, but there also seemed to be some kind of torpor, like nobody could feel the energy bathing our earth but everyone was just standing still and waiting.

Each morning you have to feel the energy and respond to it, but back then it seemed like the majority of people were happy to wait another 13 years for an event that was already happening, the result being that many, many people missed the opportunity to ride that wave.

As we approached 2012, there was much speculation as to what would happen. People were emailing me asking how they should prepare; and would the earth end. It was quite intense, but the energy around us was calm and peaceful, yet people were working themselves up into a frenzy of collective consciousness and fearing the worst.

My answer was that nothing would happen. It would be a day, just like the rest. If anything, December 2012 was the final phase of what began in 1999, The End Time of an energetic period. Of course, the end is always the beginning, but what characterises an ending is usually sleep. All phases out, fades away and ceases to exist.

People miss so much by not being attuned to what is happening around them. Since those times I have met many others who did indeed catch that wave and fully realised what was happening in 1999. Now, today, we are again experiencing such a fabulous wave building up and if we don’t learn how to feel it then indeed we will allow ourselves to be passed over and it may be another good few years before the opportunity arises again.

In three months from now, it will be Spring Equinox in the north, the day when the sun actually crosses the equator. Commonly known as the First Day of Spring. The radio and TV channels will have a little piece on their news or magazine programmes about it, as they always do. But the reality is that the spring energy is already with us and they will be 3 months behind the truth of what is happening.

I often begin to feel the shift in the woodlands before now, usually around the end of the first week in December, but it does seem to have been a bit slower this year and I had to wait for Solstice Eve to feel it this time.

It seems like it has been holding back because when it did come, it was so intense that it could not be ignored. It was an energy that shouts out. “This is Your TIme. Do Not Hesitate. Rise early in the mornings and ride this wave of energy to the full.” Carpe Diem.

As those of you in the south of our planet begin to enter the resting period, the giving thanks for abundance period and drift towards hibernation, we in the north should now celebrate the Return of the Light.

The Sun Returns… The Son Returns.

Allow the twin sources of Light to illuminate your heart and invigorate your soul. Step up into your creative power and expression and bring yourself into the world.

I could write a couple of pages of news about what is unfolding with The Emerald Heart Light and what I will be offering this coming year, but I’ll leave it for now and just wish you Carpe Diem!!!

Don’t let the world leave you behind.

Don’t allow yourself to be left behind by the Universe.

Ride this coming wave for all that you are worth, for we have no idea when the next one will come.

This is your great opportunity to become a part of something extraordinary – A Creator of the New Reality.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.