I had a couple of days off this week and spent some time with a friend in London. We had planned some time ago to visit a healer we know and then enjoy an afternoon meditation with his group.

It was a great day and I met an old client from almost 20 years ago who was assisting on the day. What a wonderful surprise to see her and see how she is doing. She has unfolded and blossomed into a lovely divine spark bringing her own light into the world.

When the meditation began, I was out cold within seconds. We had a little mantra to say and I barely got it round once before I was gone. Speaking later with my friend, it was the same for him too. We both agreed that it was a very deep process that will unfold for some time to come.

When you are working with light all the time it is easy to surrender to the process of another teacher and let go in the knowledge that you will be carried quickly into some deep and divine experience. So, it’s a little bit like being on a busman’s holiday. Take a day off and go and sit in someone else’s light. It’s a wonderful way to spend some time.

Now Sunday is almost upon us again and I’m ready to transmit my Darshan Blessing to you all. What a priviledge to be able bring light into the heart of another person in the absolute knowledge that it is going to open them at some level. Some profoundly, some subtly, but one thing is for sure, when you step forward the Universal Consciousness is going to take every opportunity to help you. Seek and you shall find. Ask and it is given. That is what Darshan is all about. Asking and then being open to receive.

Last week I was given a poem to write. The words were just given, I typed them and I posted it to you without even thinking about it other than knowing that the words were powerful. As the week unfolded, I began to truly realise that the words were for me rather than anyone else. I knew the source of them. It is the source that originally gave me The Emerald Heart Light to bring into the world in 2005. They are from my guide and saviour. Some of you know that source and others might guess it from the light that shines through me in your presence.

Anyway, it was about change and transformation. Time to let go again and open to receive the next process of evolution, although I’m not totally sure of what I am letting go of yet, although I do have a good feeling about moving into the next phase. The poem says it all really and so I thought I would leave it here below for those who didn’t see it last week. There were some wonderful comments from some of you who really felt the light in the words and therefore, drank from the well of their origin. It is my great pleasure to share them again.

I Saw a Light upon a Hill

I saw a light upon a hill,
I climbed towards it as it called me.
I rose above the milling crowds,
I saw that no-one saw me.

I sat and looked in deep dismay,
Their eyes looked each and every way,
But upward, where I sat and prayed,
And pointed to the light before me.

They cannot see, the light called down.
You cannot show them what you’ve found.
Their eyes are fixed upon the ground,
And will not rise above the sound,
Of voices clamouring aloud,
For something less than you have found.

I stood between the light above,
Upon that hill where I saw love,
And shouted down to those I loved,
Twas all, ALL humanity.

Up here, this way, raise your eyes,
Open from your deep disguise,
Find your heart beneath its eyes,
Of blindness that the ego claps,
In irons, so dastardly and false,
Your truth to hide within the traps,
Of nothing but your other self.

The self that guides your eyes away,
From what I see this day.
The Light upon the hill that calls,
And I must go that way.

I’ll leave a lamp lit by the way,
So you may see it when you pray,
In deepest reverence, one day.
To find that path I walked.
To find that love that talked,
Upon the hill that day.

With my deepest Love and Blessings for a wonderful Darshan this Sunday.